Monday, April 5, 2010

PostHeaderIcon A Great Easter

I remember Easter's as a child as being full of fun, family and lotsa eggs to hunt. My favorite Easter's were to be had at my Grandma Weaver's house. It was because my Mama had 5 sister's and 1 brother which made it a house full when everyone got together. To be honest, I don't remember too much about dying eggs (my mother would die if she knew that...good thing she doesn't read my blog) but I do remember the excitement and the pure JOY of the egg hunt. I never won a prize egg nor did I ever find the most. And we wouldn't hide the eggs just once either...they got hid numerous times. Then when we were all exhausted and tired of the hunt...we commenced to eating the eggs. It's really a wonder we all did not have food poisoning..considering how cracked those eggs got during the hiding and where some of those hiding places ended up being...LOL!
I don't have that large of a it's almost a given that my kids do the egg hiding bit at my ex's. Of course my son is in college and my daughter has decided that she is a hider and not a seeker now...but she's allowed to still seek if she wants. =) Since this year DH had to leave for work on Sunday, we had Easter dinner Saturday night and dyed some eggs for them to hide Sunday. Christopher (in green) invited his friend Colt (in orange) over since he didn't have any big plans for the night. The kids got pretty creative in the egg decorating...some sparkles, some hearts and even a couple of LSU ones.
here's a few photos of my gang having a great night.


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