Thursday, March 29, 2012

PostHeaderIcon New Yummy Goodness from CryztalRain

I cannot express how much I just adore brushes and in particular
Heather's brushes of CryztalRain's Designs over at Deviant Scrap. 
Brushes are one of the most versatile elements you can use on a 
page/layout. Just grab a pack and play!!!!!
Her newest ones are a wonderful set of grunged up flowers called of course
Flower Grunge Brush - Image Pack at Deviant Scrap. They are available in PU and CU versions. Along with the brushes there's wickedly fabulous set of textured papers and grungey edge brushes. They all just pump your pages up 
a notch. There's no wrong way to use them~~~I promise!!!!
Textured Paper Pack at Deviant Scrap and Grunged Edges Brush and Image Pack also available at Deviant Scrap in PU and CU versions.
So whatcha' waiting on? Go grab a pack and play!!!!!

Clicking on the images will pop you right over to the gallery so you can peek at the full list of credits. 
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PostHeaderIcon My Baby Wrote Me a Letter ~ New from Finecrafted Designs

Evelyn of Finecrafted Designs has come out with this wonderful kit called My Baby Wrote Me a Letter that has a flavor of the Victorian era to it. I can't help but wish for the days of when it was
a common practice to receive a hand written letter or note. I treasure the cards that I have from my Grandmother with her distinctive handwriting and the love notes I have saved. I so believe they are such a rich part of our heritage.
You can find this lovely and heart warming kit at Deviant Scrap
Just click on the photo to see the full credits in the gallery.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PostHeaderIcon DragonLore Love

Today I was supposed to be leaving for my brother's house to spend the night so my SIL could take me to the DFW airport tomorrow. Not happening. Tornado watches and warnings are making it too yucky along with flash flooding and heavy rain fall. So I will be heading out early in the am. Something I did not want to do at all. But what must be will be, right?  I will definitely be in Vegas Wednesday night though with my Scrap Orchard girlies...Woot! woot!!

But before I head out I wanted to share the page I made with CryztalRain's newest collection DragonLore available at Deviant Scrap. It's just a delicious kit with loads of dragons, medieval ephemera, softened by touches of greenery and as always the most beautiful papers that range from scenic to great scenes for a fantasy LO.  I paid homage to my ♥ for reading. I don't get to travel often so I find that if I just immerse myself into a great book, it's like I am really there. The world stops turning and I really get to visit other places. The imagination and the mind are such powerful thing.
Just click on the image to see the full credits.
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Hope, Courage and Digiscrapapalooza

I have spent this past week feverishly getting my house in tip top shape before I head out to Vegas for Digiscrapapalooza sponsored by Scrap Orchard. I am beyond excited and oh so very nervous. I have (1) never been to Vegas and (2) never flown. I have been all in a tizzy about what to pack/not pack~shopping for travel size shampoos/lotions etc. And then being nervous some more.  This is the last weekend I am home before the big event....biting nails....and my bathroom looks like I let loose a preschool class in it. Crap is flung everywhere. But the upside is that the rest of the house has measured up to my my tip top shape requirements....YIPPPEEEEE!!!!! I leave Tuesday to drive the 4 hours from my house to my brother's in Ft. Worth so that my SIL can get me to the DFW airport on Wednesday. I will have a full day of art journaling with Tangie Baxter on Thursday and that evening will be the kick off to Palooza. 

I also wanted to share a page I did for a book of Hope and Courage that was a collaborative effort of members of the 2012 Art Journal Caravan.
The quote reads~Hope is putting Faith to work when doubting would be easier. Author Unknown~

Clicking the image will take you to the gallery for credits.
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Thanks for stopping by!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Journaling Tiles~New from Finecrafted Designs

I am just head over heels in love with Finecrafted Designs newest kit, Journaling Tiles. It's packed full of elements that have a unique twist to look already embossed when you add them to your page. No blend modes needed. Of course, you can still use them if you wish to give you a million more looks such as the butterflies I have on my Dreamer page. The blended one in the background is the same one in the frame. This is definitely one of my all time favorite kits I have ever created with. You can pick up this beauty over at Deviant Scrap.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Long Weekend

As soon as I finished my last post, I found out that my SIL's grandfather passed away. I was on the fence all week on if I was going to be going to be with her for his service and help with the kids or if I was going to be working the rummage sale for our home school group. At a last minute decision I ended up driving to Burleson, Texas (Ft. Worth area) to be with the SIL because my brother was not able to stay with her. His job would not allow him an extra day off because it was not his immediate family. The hubby stepped in and helped with the rummage sale so that my DD could go on the end of the year school trip. We are not sure yet where we will be going but no matter where I know it will be a blast.

Despite the unfortunate circumstance of the visit to my SIL's, we did have a good visit. I think we were both beyond exhausted Friday night. We were both in bed and snoozing at 9pm.  She treated me to lunch at Cracker Barrel on Saturday before I headed out to come home. Sunday I felt kinda crummy and missed church. Later on that night SIL called and told me she had bronchitis.  I did feel sorta yucky till Monday night but I think I totally dodged a bullet esp. after finding out everyone in her house is currently sick, sick, sick!  

So here I sit fiddling about on the internet, sink full of dishes, laundry piled up in the bathroom and NO Guilt at all about any of it.  I keep waiting for the house keeping fairy to come and do it all for me but apparently she has me at the end of her list because she never comes. I am sure sometime before I go to bed those things might have the appearance of getting done. ;D  If not there is always tomorrow. 

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