Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Goals for 2010

Well 2009 has not been kind to our family and 2010 is staring us down pretty hard.
I make that statement but I can count the blessings God has given us..they are so obvious they almost smack me in the back of my head. But it is ending with my husband not working in the industry that has provided for us. A member of our church family is letting him work (BIG BLESSING) with him until he can get a job making the money we have based our bills around again. I sit here and ask why...but then I think of Job from the Old Testament. God let the Devil test his faith by taking all of material belongs, disfiguring him and he lost his family. By no means do I want to be tested like Job, but sometimes I think it's a test in Faith. That to just keep our Faith will keep our Hope that we will pull through these hard times. So I am hoping the New Year will bring us some good news about a job and much better luck.
I never try to make resolutions but this year I am sorta...but calling them GOALS. I have joined the Art Journal Caravan with Tangie Baxter from Scrapbookgraphics. It's a 52 week journey if you start at the beginning that I am excited to start. I am also going to attempt to do a version of Project 365. Not sure how that will evolve but I am positive that it will turn out just FABULOUS. And the other goal is to go to the gym. Yes, I am joining the masses with that goal. I have actually had a gym membership all year but with all the time I have needed to care for my Papaw I have put myself on the backburner. So I am putting ME first again. Because if I don't start taking care of myself again, I won't be around for my kids or grandbabies for that matter. And I want to do more digiscrapping. I ventured into this area from tag making this year. So I am leaving the tagging world and entering the digiscrapping world whole-heartedly.
What else am I doing in 2010, oh yeah, I am taking a class over at Jessica Sprague's on better ways to use a Wacom Tablet. My Mom gifted me with that class when it was first announced since I already had a tablet. That should be fun.
Today I am just piddling about the house. I gotta dust and wash some laundry. I really need to head to WalMart for a few things....my hubby would appreciate some groceries I am sure..lol.
So let me jet outta here for now.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Happy Day After Christmas

We made it through the holiday season with no major catastrophes. Getting here though was a different story. I had been sick for what seemed like most of the month with NyQuil being my very best friend. Then it seemed like one thing after another would pop up and I did not do any Christmas shopping until the 24th. I don't ever wanna do that again!
I did get to bring my Papaw (from the Nurshing Home) for the better part of the day and to go get my baby brother's kiddos to at least snap a picture of them with their Great Grandpa. They are too young to ever probably remember it but I am hoping the photo will be something they might treasure in the future.
Even though I was ever so exhausted at the end of the day and planted myself on the sofa it was a wonderful time of love and laughter and eating until we were all stuffed.
Today I am relaxing in the PJ's and flipping through all the photos and sorting which ones I will scrap. The best thing about your photos is that they can take you right back to the very moment those smiles were created.
So...I am off of here for now and getting back to my pics.

Friday, December 4, 2009

PostHeaderIcon A different train of thought Hi-jacked my blog

I finally slowed down long enough to pop in and blog a bit. I have had no mojo for signature tags so it's back to my other love. Digiscrap. Nothing like the smiling faces of your babies to make your heart sing. It also helps that Sweet Shop Designs is giving away a template a day until the 15th. Check out their blog for the details. Here's a couple of LO's I did this last week using a couple of them and kits from SSD.
*I am not on any of their Creative Teams..I just like their goodies.*

This was created using Dec 1st's freebie and the kit Stand by Misty Cato. This was created using using the Dec 2nd freebie and the kit Santa Season Kit by Melissa Bennett.

Scrapping has really put me in the holiday mood and refocused me on how much I really am blessed with my family and faith. We are working on creating some new holiday traditions this year. We tried to bring our family(brothers and children) together over Thanksgiving but unfortunately it seemed that every negative thing that could happen...well DID! So with a slight parting of family values, we are refocusing on our immediate family in an effort to convey the true meaning of the holdiay season. To celebrate the birth of Jesus, to be kind and compassionate to those less fortunate (and to bring that thru to the rest of year) and to be thankful that we have one another.
So for this year my big new tradition will be to bake a birthday cake with my daughter. Everyone likes to have a birthday cake, right? Well since this is Jesus's..we will do one in his honor. For gifts, I will get each of my family member a new Christmas ornament of a faith based nature that will be given to each of them to be added to the tree for next year.
So I challenge you. Are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel pulled in 40 different directions during the holiday season. Well why don't ya step back, refocus and savor the small moments that God has given you. Create a new tradition or throw some of the old ones out that just drive ya insane.
Peace, Love and Joy to All!

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