Thursday, June 30, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Blog Makeover

Well I decided I wanted a bit of a blog makeover. I have a friend who could design my blog like I wanted but I am not sure how I want it just yet plus I am not ready to pay for it. So that will be on hold for awhile. I played around in blogger some and I really liked this template. I am played around a bit and for now it will do. It's hitting the midnight hour so I had best quite messing with it before I totally get it all wonky. I will be back in just a bit with another posting I am sure but until then I will leave a chocolate kiss trail for ya's to follow. =D
edited I didn't stick with the blogger one...but I think this one is nice too.

Monday, June 13, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Open House at Roswell~New from Beth Rimmer!

Ever been to an Open House at Roswell? Well now is your chance with Beth Rimmer's newest creation.
She has the quirkiest imagination and the most fun sense of humor!  So if you are a sci-fi fan like me or have some weird photos from the UFO museum (s) from downtown Roswell...again like me..LOL! you will have a blast creating with an Open House at Roswell from Deviant Scrap. And if you do grab and create with it PLEASE stop by the forum and upload it to the gallery. We would love to shower it with love!!!!
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And here is what I created with it...I immediately thought of E.T. when I saw the phone. =)
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Thanks for peeking in tonight!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Doing the Happy Dance! I got accepted to CrystalRain's CT!!!!

I applied a bit ago to be on CrystalRain's  (formerly Totally Wild Dezines)creative team at her Deviant Scrap Store and by some stroke of fantastic luck she let me come on board (insert big cheesy happy grin). She has the most awesome of brushes and elements and an already talented group of ladies on her CT. I have not done brush work in awhile...well not since my days of making signature tags and in paint shop pro. And most definitely not too much in photoshop so I am more than a wee bit nervous but most definitely up to the challenge to show off her great products and push my creative limits all at the same time.

And if you are up to the challenge and want to get some pointers from her, she has a great interview in this month's Deviant Muse. It's the Deviant Scrap's store free ezine. It's packed jam full of tuts, challenges and eye candy to get those creative juices flowing like there's no tomorrow.  And the best part of all is that it's FREE!!!! So run over and pick up your copy right HERE. January through May are also available at the rock bottom price of free also. The doors are always open and the light's even on so you don't stub a toe pushing that cart full of goodies to the check out.

Thanks for popping by!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

PostHeaderIcon New Friend and New Eyes

The husband came home in the early hours of last Friday morning and it's seems in no time flat he is gone again. I hate his job but it's an evil we must endure. I have had some pretty busy weeks but then again  who hasn't?
I have been able to squeeze in some time to meet Tracie Stroud from Scrap Orchard. I became a fan of her's on FB over a year ago and through there and friending her on her personal FB we realized we lived only 30 mins apart. You would think that getting together would be easy but trying to coordinate kiddos, church etc we only recently made a "real" effort. She truly was as sweet and kind as I imagined she would be. It's one of those rare things where you meet someone who really does not feel a stranger. No awkward pauses. We could have chatted for hours if we had not had our kiddo's with us. Even my 15 yo DD was getting restless.
We were giving the thumbs up that we both ended up not being weird serial killers. I am looking forward to many more lunch/play dates. 
I have been putting off getting a new pair of glasses for oh about 3 years but over the past 6 months my vision up close has went to crap. I told the hubby that when I got new glasses I was gonna get prescription sunglasses also. The more I thought about it though I came to the conclusion that contacts would be better.  Only thing though is that I have a huge fear of poking foreign objects actually on my eyeball. It just defies logic to me. But it's the cheaper alternative. My DD needed an new rx for her eyes also. She wanted to try contacts again. She tried for ONE day last year but of course Mom is doing it so it's an appealing alternative again. We have been wearing them for a little over a week and we both love them. I however only wear one in my left eye. It's kinda weird but it makes the supply of contacts last twice as long so I am very cool with that.
And here she is after her success in getting those buggers into the eyes correctly. She is beautiful with glasses but I am so excited to be able to see her eyes instead of the frame of her glasses. I was also excited that she liked them because she went to Survivor Youth Camp this past weekend. I will have to share more about that when I get the pics of her finally back home off of my phone.
That's just a little bit of a catch up on my news. Catch ya's on the flip side!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Win Tracie Stroud's Newest Kit.

Tracie Stroud is giving out a chance to win her newest kit. Run and go and grab you a chance!!!!
----------------->CLICK ME<---------------------
Good Luck!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Guest Spot for Finecrafted Designs AND a Guest Writer for the Deviant Muse

I am super excited to be a guest writer for the Deviant Muse this month.
I tackled a subject not many people are willing to discuss openly but it's one very
dear to my heart. In addition to my contribution there are some great artist interviews,
tutorials and challenges that really stretch your creativity. Best part of all it's FREE!!!!
So go grab you a copy HERE and come hang out in the Deviant Scrap forum and
upload some of your creations to the gallery. It's an open but no outside linkies. =)
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I have also been asked to be a guest CT for the month of June for Finecrafted Designs. It's a super honor as I just adore her kits. I had asked the designers for a more "adult" religious kit and she took on the challenge and let me have a play with it. She created an Angel kit called Guardian Angels and the big kit is called His Spirit Moves Me. Below are the 2 pages I created.
To know the story behind them just click to be taken to the gallery.

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Thanks for peeking in today!!!!!

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