Monday, August 24, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New CT Position - New Tag Tutorial - Update on my Grandpa

It's been an exhausting week with my Grandpa. Not that he has been hard to take care of but just that I am a bit paranoid with him being at the rehab/retirement center. I just want to make sure everyone is being good to him. I must say..I am very impressed with the care he has been given. It's not the Ritz but everyone has been more than helpful, kind and compassionate. Today me and my Mom met him at his dr's appt. It all went well and then we took him to lunch. He really enjoyed that and so did I actually. I love him to pieces! I will go back before he goes to bed to see how the rest of his day went.
More good news for me...
I was accepted to be on the Creative Team for AMI....I think I am still in shock! not to mention how excited I am! So if you get a chance..go give them a peek.
So naturally my new tut showcases AMI goodies. =)
It's called Coy and can be found Here.
It uses a fantastic scrapkit by KatNKDA called Tropical Obsession and the art of Angela Newman. Both may be purchased at AMI.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PostHeaderIcon My Grandpa

To say that things have been busy would be an understatement.
My Brother had some troubles with the mother to his children and as a family we all came together to support him as needed. My Grandfather had surgery to remove some cancer spots on his nose last Friday. He was supposed to stay in the hospitol after the surgery but some idiot decided he should be sent home. That left my Mom trying to get him to rest...easier to move a mountain. Anyhow..they put NO type of bandage on his wounds and my Mom left him alone for 30 mins and came back to a mess. The wound was bleeding and she could not get it to stop. So back the ER and she got him admitted for some 24 hour around the clock care and fixed it up where he would go to rehab until he recovers. Me and her have been splitting the staying with him. Monday she had to go back to work and I took him to rehab yesterday. So far so good. My day yesterday was spent getting him all that he needed. I have been to see him today and will go back about 7ish to take him another blanket and pillow. I hate him being there but he won't stay with anyone and the staff is super nice and you are allowed to visit 24 hours a day.
My kitchen is calling my name to come do some maybe with things settle in a day or so I will back with some goodies for ya.
Have a fantastic day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Tag Tutorial:Lenore

Are ya's having a great Saturday? I am! It's wonderful weather, not much housework so I am chilling out a bit and the hubby is out mowing the yard. I have a new tag tutorial up for ya. It's called Lenore and uses the fantabulous artwork of Michael Calandra which may be found at My PSP Tubes. It also uses this awesomely wonderful scrapkit by Designs by Sarah found at Pimp My Tags w/Scraps
Click here to go to the tutorial.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Merging my blogs

It's been a whole week since I posted..Oh MY!!!! I have not meant to neglect ya's. But ya know how real life can be and how it can throw ya some curve balls. I have dealt with school starting up (way too freakin early IMO) for my daughter, back to school nights and a family emergency with my baby brother. It has been INSANE!!!! I am standing in line for my straight jacket as we!
What all else...oh yeah..I am taking this wicked cool photography class taught by Candice Stringham over at the Jessica Sprague forum. I am also enrolled and taking another class called Brush Abilities..way way awesomeness. I love my PSP and taggin' but my other digital passions include digiscrappin and photoshop.
I have also come to the conclusion that I don't want to keep up with 2 blogs so I will be combining my digiscrappin/gossip one with my taggin one...which is I warn ya's will get more chit-chat from me. =D
That's all about me today..I will be adding more of my fave links to the sure to check them out..ya might find something ya like.
Have a fantastic day!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

PostHeaderIcon I have been tagged =)

I’ve been tagged by Bev so here goes lol
Balinda, RebelChick, Mom =)
Louisiana, New Mexico
Weeds, True Blood, Nurse Jackie
Disney, Sea World, The Alamo
Shrimp Scampi, Catfish, Gumbo
Visting Tracy, New Moon coming to the movies, getting a DSLR Camera
Shaina, Christopher, Ricky
Red, Black, Orange
Bible, Gone with the Wind, Shogun
Take a nap, got to church, watch my soaps!
(if you've already been tagged, dont worry about it, cause Im not lol)
well since most everyone I know has been tagged I will pass this on to

Have fun ladies!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Tag Tutorial:EverAfter + New Tag Template

Good Morning Everyone! It's the last official day of summer vacation for my daughter. I don't know who is dreading the first day of school more..Me or her. It's still only 9 am here. I think I will let her sleep for another hour and then go get her up, otherwise she will sleep till the crack of noon. =o We need to go pick up a few packages of loose leaf paper. I looked into getting some yesterday at our local Walmart but at $1.50 a package..I passed. I want paper that is priced at 50 cents or there abouts..So it's off to Shreveport today. I am also going to treat her to a movie. She's mentioned she wants to see G-Force..not sure if we will see it in 3D or not yet.
I do have you a new template and tut before I head out for the day. I am not the most inventive template creator and most of the time they just come about because I am creating a tag. I love working with templates!!!!!
Here is a preview of the template a. Click here to download.

Next on the agenda is new taggage. I used the fantastic artwork of Maxine Gadd which may be purchased from My PSP Tubes. It also uses a fantastic kit called Ever After by TammyKat Dezignes which may be found at Pimp My Tags w/Scraps.
The tag is animated so you will have to go to the tut to see the full see a larger static view...just click on the tag.
Go Here to give it a go.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Tag Tutorial:Cherrylicious

I have a new tut up using a cute fairy from Amanda Fontaine found at AMI and the cutest kit called Cherry Pickin' from Designs by Sarah over at Pimp My Tags w/Scraps. It also uses one of my templates. =) The tutorial may be found Here.
*Click on the tag to see a larger view*

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