Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Tag Tutorial:Toxic Rac (FTU)

I did a scrap challenge yesterday and this is what happened..So I decided to tut it. It's also how I ended up with the template in the previous post. =).
It uses the wonderful artwork of Ismael Rac that can be found at AMI and the awesome freebie kit from Kristin called Toxic Rock found on her blog here.
Be sure to leave her some love if ya download.
Click here to go to the tut.
Click on the tag for a larger view.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Template:Full and Tagger sized

I made some more templates for ya's tonite. And as usual...I was doing some other project with template sharing not in mind. I have a full page template and a tagger sized variation of it for your snagging pleasure.
For the Full 12x12 size...Download Here.

For the tagger sized verison--Download Here.
Have a fabulous day!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Word Art Share:Full & Tagger Sized

I have a wordart to share with ya's today. I used this quote on my Blue Wing tag tutorial and liked it so much I recreated for use on a regular sized scrapbook page.
I do have both sizes to share with ya. =)
Full Sized (300 DPI) Click Here to download.
Tagger Sized Click Here to Download.

Friday, July 24, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Tag Tutorial:Midnight Kiss (Twilight Inspired)

I have tagged more this week than I have in months. I guess I might be getting over my psp burnout. =).
Today I have a Twilightish Inspired tag tutorial to share with ya's.
I used the fabulous work of Zindy Zone which can be found at She has a section of free tubes for usage also, so be sure to check those out. The scrapkit I used is called Midnight by Designs by Sarah and can found at Pimp My Tags with Scraps.
Click here to take ya to the tag.
*to see a larger on the tag preview below*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Tag Tutorial:Blue Wing

I have a written a new tut today.
It's called Blue Wing and uses the lovely artwork of
Camilla Drakenborg available for purchase thru AMI.
The scrapkit I used is called Day and Night by Designs by Sarah and can be found at Pimp My Tags with Scraps.
Click here to take ya to the tutorial.
*click the tag for a larger view*

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Tag Tutorial:Bella's Lullaby

I have a new tag tut up called Bella's Lullaby.
It uses the artwork of Susan McKivergan
and can be purchased for use from AMI.
It also uses the lovely kit Breaking Twilight by Designs by Sarah which can
be found at Pimp My Tags w/Scraps.
Click here to take ya to the tutorial.

Monday, July 20, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New tut by Aisha and accepted on a CT

After quite a few months of not really tagging (I have been digiscrapping instead) I was offered a position on the Pimp My Tags with Scraps Creative Team. After much thought, I happily accepted.
So be on the lookout for some new tuts. And for those of ya who can't afford the PTU items I will keep on creating with FTU items and Tuts also....believe me...I do know times are very hard right now and spending on our hobbies is surely a luxury.

I also wanted to show off this cutie that Aisha created with my Blue Dream Kit. All I could say when I saw it was "How Adorable!"
So head on over to her blog and give it a go. =)
*Click tag to see a larger view*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New tut by Bev with my Blue Dream kit

My wonderful friend Bev that is on my CT has written this beautiful tutorial using my
Blue Dream Kit.
Go Here to give it a go. It's called Dream.
You may click on the tag to see a larger preview of it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Dreamer Tutorial and Blue Dream Kit (New)

As promised a tut to go with that template. It's called Dreamer and uses my newest kit
Blue Dream. All supplies used except for the image I used are Free so I hope you enjoy.
Dreamer Tut can be found HERE.
Click on the tag to see it full sized. =)
And here is the kit Blue Dream. I hope you enjoy and it's always brings a smile and is appreciated when ya take the time to comment when ya snag.

Download Tagger Size Here
Full Size
I had to come back to edit the Xtra Sparkly Frame and Doodles link...sorry it didn't work earlier.
This is not included in the tagger you will have to snag it seperate and resize to your tastes.

Monday, July 13, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Template Share 11

Here's is a template I created during the birth of taggage.
I am almost finished up with a tut using it and I will be back tomorrow sometime to share that linkage.
Here's the preview of it...very basic. It's in PSD format and should open in both PSP and PS.
Download Here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Recommending UnzipThemAll->Freeware

I got a new laptop about 3 months or so ago and have had the hardest time making the transition to not only from desktop to laptop but from Windows XP to Vistsa 64. First off I was very disappointed it would not run Eye Candy 3 >BIG SAD FACE<>
My other big heartbreak and aggravation has been unzipping files. On my XP I could unzip multiple files at once and even on my hubby's Vista desktoop I could get the fly out menu to unzip my multiple files into their own folders. NOT so on here. So I have been downloading stuff to my external drive and taking it to my desktop and unzipping there. Just a pain in the rear. Well NOT ANYMORE!!! I have found this handy little FREEWARE program that unzips multiple files for ya lickety split if you download alot. I say was recommended by someone else to unzip files in another forum but did not impart any info on it. So I just took a chance and tried. I am glad I did.
All ya do is locate the folder that you have your zips/rars in. It automatically detects them and pops them into a list for unzipping. NO work your your part at all. Click start and it it goes to work for ya. Easy Peasy!
I went the the VIEW>Options button and set mine up to delete the zip for me. That is just my preference.
Did I say I Luved It! LOL!
It's called UnzipThemAll and will unzip zips and rar files...even the pw protected ones.
You can find it here.
Have a Fantastic Hump Day!

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