Monday, November 5, 2012

PostHeaderIcon October Part 1 in Pictures

Ok...You can't say I didn't warn ya that October would be a super busy month. Birthday's, driver's education and let's not forget Halloween all crowd into a wonderful thing I call LIFE♥!  Because I have so much wonderful goodness to share ~ (sharing here on my blog helps me remember) ~ all of my October goodies will not be in this post. -->insert very sad face<--- nbsp="nbsp" span="span">

So since a photo is worth a thousand's some photos!

Here's my DD, Shaina, with her bestie, Angel, on the first day of driver's education. Scary for the Mama's and just in case you can't tell from those beautiful smiles, super duper exciting for them. 
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And of course, these little ladies passed the course with flying colors! The same day they finished they both were at the DMV taking the exam for their permits. Complete success! Sniff, Sniff! My baby is growing up. Only a parent knows the feeling of being ever so proud and a bit sad all at the same time. Sigh......

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The back story on this photo is that it's my Daddy's birthday present., I will not tell you what it is yet...teeheee! My Daddy is not a big one for foo-fooey stuff esp. gift wrap,  so I always go OUT OF MY WAY to make all his gifts from me just that. He does a great job taking it in stride and I think he secretly loves it but can't admit it. 

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Ta-Da!!! See that smile....SCORE!!!!! Brownie points for me! I remembered that my Mama mentioned he wanted a HUGE wind chime. It's not the huge one he wanted but it was the biggest one I could find that day. It sounds amazing and so peaceful when the wind blows it. Seriously though, there's something special that's all warm and fuzzy that wraps around you when you can bring joy and happiness to a parent. Or as we say in the south...your Mama and Daddy♥

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And this is George ~ George Bones to be exact. He was not to be left out at Daddy's birthday. See....we save mayonnaise jars for George. He loves to lick all the extra we can't get out of them. And if you have not guessed yet, the ones I bring him always have a bit extra. If you look closely at the paw on the jar, it's a huge paw, not a small jar. George happens to be a bull mastiff. Size wise, he's about the size of a miniature horse. He is spoiled rotten, so rotten in fact, that during the summer my Daddy fills up a big bowl of ice cubes from the ice maker and George will chew on them like we would eat a bag of potato chips.

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So that's part 1 of October. Coming up....oh will see...

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