Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Resurrection ~ Holy Moly & Hi! How ya' doin'?

I do so hope it's been a Happy New Year thus far for everyone!!! I do apologize for the absence but when your laptop will not cooperate with ya that's what happens. Blogging from an iPhone just doesn't cut it either. :-(

My New Year's was brought in quietly watching movies. My DH was working and my DD was at a friends house. I have always heard that the the way you bring in the year is how you will spend it. I can surely go along with that. If Quiet = Drama Free, then I am all for it!!!  

For now I am going to share my toasty fire with you. Go grab a cup of hot chocolate and just take a few and relax with me. Be in the moment and remember to enjoy life....especially the little things like hot chocolate and a cracking fire with a friend...because after all, we ARE friends. ♥ God Bless & Happy New Year!!

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