Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Kindred Spirits~new from CryztalRain

I was excited to play with CryztalRain's new kit, 
Kindred Spirits. It has sooo many wonderful elements
and the softest of color palettes for the papers. 
Quite versatile! In fact, I liked my art journal page I
created with it so much I adapted to a scrapbook 
page for me and the hubby. You can find this beauty
at Deviant Scrap.

Art Journal Page

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Scrapbook Page

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Thanks for peeking in!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Busy as a Bee

February is the busiest month for me other than December. It holds Valentine's Day, my Papaw's Bday (RIP~but I will never quit acknowledging his day), my Bday, my DD's Bday and my ex-MIL's Bday (I make sure my kiddo's don't forget her).  I am beyond excited to say that I am down to ONE closet and a few things that will go to our Home school groups rummage sale next weekend in my quest to declutter and SIMPLIFY our home and essentially our lives. No sense keeping things we have (1) no room for (2) forgotton we have and (3) could go to other's who need it much more that us.

So in celebration of the fact I will be COMPLETELY finished tomorrow with that  task that has taken me essentially 2 months 2 do in between all the other daily needs that could not be ignored~I bought myself a prize from Tangie Baxter's Esty shop. I think every art room/studio should have a bit of Alice whimsy....I cannot express how much I just ♥ it!!!!
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My birthday was last friday on the 17th. After an EPIC FAIL on getting me nothing for Christmas the hubby came through with an art set for me to use for art journaling. I think he was trying to cover all his bases, LOL!! I do love it and I ♥ him even more for getting something so very thoughtful for me. I should definitely make him an art wish list. ;P
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My sweet son treated me to a Mother/Son lunch at Southfield Grill. I have passed it hundreds of times but never took the time to go inside. The most wonderful home cooked food you can imagine. The fried squash was to die for!!!! It was also very budget friendly. I will most definitely make this one of my go to places to eat now.
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I had sent the hubby and DD off to the shooting range while I was out for the day. I got home literally 2 minutes before they did. I walked in and found these on the breakfast bar......not from the hubby.....but from my sweet and wonderful Mama and Daddy.  Of course I then had to call them and be all mushy with the love and kisses.
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I have been very much blessed with family that loves me and this past week they all went out of their way to show me how much. I cannot ever express how much I ♥ them!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

PostHeaderIcon My Sweetheart Date

This year for Valentine's for my kiddos I decided not to waste my $$$ on all the chocolates, stuffed animals etc. Instead I wanted to spend time with them and take them out to eat since the hubby was out of town working. The only success I had was with my dear daughter (or my Mini-Me as my ex likes to say ;P). Since that ended up being the case I let her pick where to eat and it was her hand's down favorite...Logan's Roadhouse. I am convinced it's those hot, buttery, oh so delicious rolls. We both splurged and got a steak with jumbo grilled shrimp scampi. It was all quite wonderful and actually really nice that it was just me and her. I know it won't be too much longer before some stinky boy will be the most important thing to her and she won't have time for her mama so I am cherishing these moments.  My son was working and wasn't able to come.  He took his GF out to eat for their sweetheart day date. She is super sweet so I can't be too sad we didn't get to see him. 

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This coming Friday is my birthday, so I am planning on spending a belated Valentines with him and collect on as many bday hugs and kisses from my kiddos as I can guilt them out of...LOL!!!  No matter what we do or don't do..I know it's going to be a great weekend coming up.

And on that note I am going to leave you.....Field Trip to Sci-Port tomorrow which means I really should get some sleep. ;P

Friday, February 10, 2012

PostHeaderIcon *gasp* Scrapbook Pages *oh MY!*

I am so very excited to say that we are all caught up with our home school assignments!!!! It's been a very big worry for us because I did not want to have our school year run too much into the summer. It's all good though now as I have seen what and how our days get disrupted with errands/family visits/the odd emergency and last but not least by our monthly field trips and library days. Seriously though, it's just an UNBELIEVABLE feeling to know everything is back on track as it should be. 

I have not scrapped nor art journaled since October of last year. I am realizing now that I had a severe case of burn out and needed the break. In fact, I took a break from all my scrap forums and other favorite haunts. I just checked emails (barely) and posted on FB. So I am excited to share my new pages. The first I created for Project: Love, Me over at Scrap Orchard. I have linked the image to the gallery so that you can view the credits. I already have this one printed and in my album. I just LOVE how it turned out! 

This second page evolved from a prompt from the Art Journal Caravan 2012 over at Scrapbookgraphics. If you are remotely interested on in art journaling esp digital....I HIGHLY recommend this year long journey. This is my third year signing up and I can honestly say Tangie Baxter is the most generous teacher I have ever met and the work and passion she puts into the year long caravan is nothing short of amazing.  This page is also linked to the gallery so that you can view the credits if you so wish. It took me awhile to get my thoughts around how I wanted to journal this but I am more than pleased with it and now it's time to take another step forward in my life journey.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

PostHeaderIcon January Cobwebs Cleared

January has definitely been a whirlwind month. I have sorted, fixed, refiled, revamped and cleaned the entire house. The last bit left is my closet and the bathroom cabinets. I just wanted to start off 2012 with a literal feel of "out with the old and in with the new"----not that we got anything new but it is an amazing feeling to know everything is "in order."  

January has also been a month of getting back in the groove of exercising. I joined Weight Watchers online but to be honest I just can't get the hang of all that point counting. I don't think I will be renewing it after my membership runs out. On a more positive note I signed up for a family gym membership. I know it would be cheaper monthly to do a yearly contract I just didn't want to obligate myself to a monthly note on the just in case idea that I could not afford it one month.  

Many other major decisions have been made of which I won't bore you with the details but it's been all about keeping responsibilities that impact positively on our lives and tossing the ones that bring negatives into our lives. We are also praying heavily and visiting churches for a new church home. God is moving our hearts and we are doing our best to listen intently so that we choose the right direction.

Now that I have gotten the bulk of all that I wanted to accomplish completed for January, I will now have the time to devote to my art journaling, scrapbooking and of course blogging. :D

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