Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Toxic Fridge and the BAM Effect

Ok...I know I am not the ONLY one in the whole world that has let their fridge become toxic. And that's toxic with a capital "T". It's not that mine was really messy...by no means was it cluttered....I was just growing a few science experiments in it. I didn't even wanna clean the dishes...so...thank goodness alot of them were cheapo plastic ware ones and I could just toss them in the garbage. Now the garbage can is on the back porch...lid tightly sealed until it quits raining and I can see how fast I can dump and run into one of our big cans until dump day. Yes...I said dump day...the wonderful day my hubby loads it all up and hauls it to the city dump cuz we don't have trash pickup. I sorta feel bad...but then I start thinking about all the stinky clothes I will wash of his...and it takes me longer to wash than him to drive and dump...so I think it's a fair trade.
Monday night was Progress Report night at my daughters school. She did NOT want me to go. So her father picked her up from school and I went alone. She usually goes with me..but I wanted to see what she might be hiding from me. The answer is NOTHING. Her teachers praised her for working hard and in general just being a great student. She doesn't get the best grades but she works hard for the ones she does get and that's what is mattering to me and the fact that she is learning. School is really hard for her and eventhough she is not officially diagnosed with ADD....I have learned she thrives on routine and I have jumped through numerous hoops and testings for her to get into the schools 504 program. She stays in a regular classroom but has access to multiplication tables and formulas for math and gets longer to take a test if necessary...and a few other things. I didn't want a "free ride" for her because she is very intelligent...I just find that she learns differently and needs more interactive and hands on time. I so wish my ex would agree to let me home school but that's a battle I have long ago lost and now at 14...she will not want to leave her friends.
I am blessed that she has teachers that really care.
On to my Project 365 photos...
Day 116
I think the hummingbirds would like me to clean their feeder before putting them out.

Day 117
I have severe insomnia and do the majority of all my cleaning at night. sometimes ya just gotta go with what works. Well....this didn't work out so well...I broke a pretty wall hanging that my friend Ebeth gave me for my Bday this year. It was just leaned up against the wall on top of the pantry...and I slid the pantry over to sweep and BAM! it broke....I am an sooooo bummed over it. =(..
And My Goodness..if you have read all of my posting...you deserve a cookie!
Thanx for peeking in!


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