Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Well, I knew it had been awhile since I have posted on my blog. I just did not realize just how long. I wish I could say that time flies when you are having fun but sadly that is not the case. Now not to be a party pooper over here let me add the disclaimer that not all this time things have been bad. We have done the usual things that are done at the beginning of each school year. Buy the uniforms. Buy the school supplies. Fill out the what seems like hundreds of forms AGAIN. Of course, as I see online many school systems don't start up until late August or even after Labor Day. Ours however started August 3rd. Whatever horrid person decided that, I would gladly love to make them suck a lemon. This is Louisiana and's only been a mild 110 degree average kinda day.

Our church had the most awesome revival back in the middle of August. Bro. David Miller was our revival preacher. I had never heard him preach and was told before hand that he had the Bible memorized from cover to cover. Well to have someone tell ya that is one thing but to actually WITNESS it is another. And he had more than over version down to memory. It was a true fire and brimstone, get your life right, Live it for Jesus revival. Pretty preaching is good but there's times when a fire needs to be lit. :}

Our revival ended on a Sunday. Our beloved music leader Ms. Patsy Nichols went to be with the Lord's choir on Tuesday. I had just spoken to her on the Saturday before and told her how much she was missed and how I loved her and couldn't wait for her to come back to to church from her rehab to hear her beautiful voice leading us in song worship. It is a loss I am still working on coming to terms with. My head knows she is with her Lord going ne-ner-ne-ner! I got her first! but my ♥ aches to see her at the podium at our services.

Our new church year also started September 1st. After a big Back to School Bash and the kickoff to our Youth Group (of which there really wasn't one on Sunday evenings) we have somewhat settled into some sort of routine. I and my friend Shane are taking turns leading the lessons each week. I by no means feel quailifed to teach/lead but it seems each week the Lord puts in my hand what we need. So I will continue to have faith and give the credit to Him because he is the Leader with the Message and I am just the lowly messenger.

Last Saturday, we had our Ladies Conference. The Ladies Conference committee had a really hard time finding a speaker this year. From what I understand everyone they tried to book just would not work out. Becky Brown from Little Brown Light Ministries was our speaker. Of all things she spoke about was loss of a loved one. Very appropriate considering we just lost our Ms. Patsy. She has also just marked the 1st anniversary of the loss of her sister. God sent her to us so that we could fellowship and minister to one another. If you ever get a chance to attend and event where she is speaking...PLEASE GO! She is such a delight to listen to and no matter the message, I am sure you will be blessed.

Now this brings us current. Me and my Mama are working on getting hospice set up for my Grandfather. He is not doing well. That topic is not one I am ready to blog about today as it's on the emotional side. This evening I am taking my daughter to a See You At The Pole Rally. Somewhere's during that time I will run into my son. he can't be there when it starts but will definitely attend.

And during all this time....not a single scrapbook page. :0

God Bless if ya read all this.

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