Saturday, February 9, 2019

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I really doubt my blog gets readers any longer but that's alright. I've not been here giving anything new to see. I wonder sometimes why other people blog. Do they blog for followers, money, loneliness, to inspire others???? I think the list could go on and on. The answer for me is varied. At first my blog started to just share PSP tutorials and then it grew to share signature tag making kits but as I was doing all these things I realized I just liked to write. I liked to share my feelings....happy, sad or somewhere's in between. This blog became my not so secret diary sometimes. When my husband died in 2015, I plummeted down a deep, dark rabbit hole that has taken some time for me to try to find the light. I had to find the me without him. It's been hard. I've had to start a new job, find a new home, and create new friendships all the while helping my family learn a new normal. I had to give myself permission to smile through the tears and actively look for the joy in life. I've learned every day that I'm fortunate enough to be on this earth is a new day to be my very best me. 

So my friends....I'll leave you with this little quote I saw while browsing Pinterest the other day.

You have to overvalue yourself sometimes. Know your worth, then add interest, local and federal taxes, shipping and handling, cancellation and processing fees. 

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