Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PostHeaderIcon God Is Good!

I think alot of times we all focus on the negatives in our lives way too much. I know I have..alot lately. Not that I have a horrid life but this past year could have been much better. Most especially this past 4 months when my hubby was laid off of work. Let's face it...getting laid off work just a few days after Thanksgiving last year was a pretty big blow for us. We were already strapped finanacially (working on getting caught up on alot of our bills) and my Grandfather had been living with us until from August to October.
The no job situation was 2fold for me...you see...he does power line construction and works away from home and is gone alot...much like a truck driver's wife. So from my perspective...we now have no income and I have my hubby here daily with me...which is something I was not used to. I am used to being commander in chief much of the time here at home all of a sudden...I have to remember that he is here and defer to him as to not hurt his feelings. Believe me...it was not smooth sailing for us all the time. So...again I remind you...I was not always in the "glass half full" frame of mind everyday. But then something makes you stop dead in your tracks and re-evaluate. Some people call in karma. I call it faith. Faith is what you have that keeps you going. Sometimes faith is all you have and you can only prove you have it when times get tough. Over these past few months I have really had the story of Job in my mind. A man who had everything and as a test of faith it was all taken away. Because he maintained his faith and love for the Lord it was all restored. God does not promise that we will be wealthy or powerful but that if we will have faith and trust in Him, He will provide for us.
One of our troubles that we have had has been our dryer. It was 20+ years old. About 6 months ago the dryer belt that turned the drum broke...more like dry rotted..lol. I was in tears. It was a Saturday afternoon...where in the world were we gonna get a belt. And because this was when hubby had his job...he was leaving Sunday afternoon and if I could find one I was be waiting all week for him to put it on. So me being very pitiful and feeling sorry for myself plopped down on the sofa and just said, "Dear Lord, please help me with my dryer. I just don't know what to do." And no it was not any head bowing, folded hands in prayer...just a lifting up and a poor pitiful request from a desperate housewife. A couple of hours later hubby hauls our trash off as we don't have trash pickup here. As he was dumping our trash, a man drives up and is throwing away a dryer. And it's the same brand as ours. He asks the man if he cares if he checks to see if the belt will fit our dryer before he puts it in the big dumpter. PERFECT MATCH!!!!!! You cannot tell me that prayer was not answered..ever!
Fast forward to January. The dryer is possessed. We turn it on to dry...it stops a couple of minutes later. We turn it on...it goes off. Heating element is working...breakers not flipped in the house. EX-husband is a repairman and comes over and helps us clean out 20 years of dust and random lint out of it. Works like a charm again.
This past weekend we notice a felt piece coming apart from the back of the tub.....I mean really...what else. So before I end up w/o a dryer as it seems this one really wants to die...I call my ex. His parents sell furniture and appliances to price a dryer. My lucky day. He as a used one he just put out for $125.00. I offer him my dryer for parts and a hundred. He takes it and delivers it for me yesterday. I say I was lucky...but I firmly believe God led the way to the new/old dryer. And the funny part is that the ex told me that the lady that got rid of it...apparently just wanted a new dryer....he had to do no repairs on it.
So...VOILA! The Awesome dryer!!!! Simple but effective.


ChloƩ said...

Great positive spirit, love that! Glad things worked out well!

DawnMarch said...

What a wonderful series of blessings!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Glad the dryer worked out for you!

Amanda said...

God is good...and just when we think that we are in control, he shows us again how & why he is.
Glad the dryer worked out.

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