Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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I have not done too terribly much today except gossip on the phone. I slept in a bit which ruined my plans for going to see Grandpa this morning. I did do alot yesterday which afforded me this luxury. On of the things I started tackling was the room my Grandfather was staying in. This is the hot mess it's been in for about a month. And it reflects the state of mind I have been in with him. I have been putting off cleaning and putting it back in order I guess because it's hard for me to come to terms that he MUST stay in the nursing home now. Once I put it back in order kinda finalizes that fact for me. But I did start. Not finished though. Still gotta change out curtains, add back pictures on the wall, rugs, nightstands etc.
So the Before

and the in Progress which becomes my picture of the day for
Day 109 of P365
and today's photo
Day 110
is a cute little lizard. I always know spring is in full force when they are scurringing all over my front porch.

Thanx for peeking in today!


Brittney said...

Sorry about your father. That's a tough move. Love the lizard though!

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