Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PostHeaderIcon New Template For Ya's

Can ya's believe it's almost 2009? In some ways I can..and in other ways I am saying to myself, "where did all my time go this year?" But I am sure I am not the only one that has this running through their head. I have been soooo sick. I thought I had just had a little cold but whatever I caught knocked me for a loop. Today is the first day I have even ventured outdoors since Christmas Day. My plans to take down our tree got side-tracked and boy, let me tell ya...my cats love it that it's still up. They have never been outdoors and are just having a field day when they think I am not looking trying to climb it. But I have to break their little kitty hearts and put it away tomorrow...otherwise our ornaments won't survive until next year.

Our family has just about decided to start a new Christmas Tradition. Instead of worrying over the hustle and bustle and commercialization of how the Holidays are portrayed now..we will start having Christmas on Jan 1st or there about. My son thinks it's a GRAND idea and has it all planned out to go shopping the day after Christmas for the good deals. But most importantly we have decided to keep the true Reason for the Season and celebrate the birth of Jesus and concentrate on the blessing our family has recieved throughout the year.
So with all this talk about love and blessings...here is a template that reflects that theme.

Download HERE.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Oh My..my day was exhausting but wonderful. My kids had a wonderful time and the smiles on their faces today were just priceless. They left to go to their father's about 8ish and me and Ricky settled in to watch a movie. Well..he watched the movie..I promptly passed out and according to him started snoring. I also have caught a cold..or more like the cold caught me..eyes watering..head all stuffed up...headache...sneezing every two minutes..ughhhh...so it's a good thing the kids are visiting the father. My son was complaining of the same thing..so I made him pinky promise to go straight to bed when he got there. I so can't wait to get my pictures developed so I can get them scrapbooked. I will do all of them traditional with paper and glue and then add a couple pages to my digiscrap layouts that I want to add to a disc for them. This gives them the option of printing them out later if they choose to.
I also wanted to show off some taggage using my kits. Thanx ladies for sharing with me!!

These are made by Bev.


These were made by Monica.



These were made by Eclipse.


And this beauty is created by Sassy.

Thanx again ladies!!!!
Big Huggers!!!xoxoRebelChick

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Colors of Love Kit

This week seems to be zippin on by...or at least it seems that way for me as I still need to get up early in the morning and go shopping for our Christmas Day meal. I think we have all settled on doing up a ham instead of a turkey. I love turkey but my hubby hates it. The back-up plan is that if I can't find a ham that is somewhat affordable...it's the kid's favorite..Chicken Casserole.

I took a chance and applied at The Creativity Shack for a designing postion. Never actually thinking I would be accepted...but I was!!!
To say I am a little excited is an understatement. I admire so many scrappers (tagger and full-sized) that it is only my dream to be near as good as them.

I am also counting this acceptance as a blessing as my husband will be laid off work starting Christmas Day. Fingers crossed that it will not be for too long as we are in the same boat as most people these days and getting by day-to-day. (I am not telling ya this for pity). He goes next Monday for an interview with another company in Little Rock and hopefully a drug screen to start work asap.

Here is my very first PTU Kit called Colors of Love and can be found here under RebelChick's Scraps.

It contains
10 Papers
2 Frames
4 Ribbons
5 Butterflies
2 Ivy Vines
4 Paper Roses
3 Flowers with leaves
3 Flowers w/o leaves
4 Tags

I did not forget to give ya a freebie....here is an Add-On that coordinates with the full kit that can be downloaded Here. I would adore to see anything that ya create with it. If ya download...leave me some love if ya feel moved to so.


Monday, December 22, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Bit A Christmas FTU Kit

I was not planning on doing up anything Christmasy, esp with it being so close to the Big Day as my daughter calls it. But I am teaching myself how to use photoshop and got to fooling around with a few things and before I knew it, I had a few elements that suited a Christmas kit. So I then just dove in head first. I had a really fun time creating it and learning things along the way. Feel free to snag if ya fancy it. Comments on my blog are always welcome but not necessary if ya don't feel moved to do so. I created this as a tagger sized kit..but I like to use smaller kits to scrap smaller photos and print them so the DPI is left at 300 for printing purposes. If making tags..please remember that ya need to change it to 72 DPI to be compliant with the license companies wishes.

Download Here.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Word Art Share

I am a very happy camper today. Ricky came home last night. Gosh, I missed him but I did get a few things done around here that I wouldn't have gotton done with him around. I spent the last 2 days getting Avon deliveries done up. It's a bit exhausting when I get home after driving all over the place, but my daughter loves to go with me and we usually eat out from McDonald, Sonic, Chinese..etc..on "avon" nights. She also loves to help me sort the orders. Ya never know..she might be the next Avon CEO :)
I am sharing a word art today. I LUV word art. I luv it for digiscrapping, signature tags and regular paper scrapping. I just don't think you can never have enough of them. It's a bit large for tags but feel free to resize as needed for whatever project ya might wanna use it for.

Download Here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Cold Weather + Tag Show-Off

Well we have a major cold front slamming into us. Ricky called and it's looking like he will be headed to Oklahoma for some work there. I hate that he is gone..but wow...the overtime is really coming in handy for us esp here at Christmas.
My daughter has also informed me that her and her best friend have made up but they are not "best" friends....just friends but you couldn't tell that by the smile on her face and the bounce in her step. I am happy for her cuz she is not the social butterfly and only has a couple of good friends that she is content with.
I wanted to show off this tag Bev made me last week. It's a beauty and super special as it's the first tag I have seen made with my first scrap kit. Thanx Bunches Bev!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Home Alone

I am home alone this weekend. Ricky left from Hattiesburg this morning and is on his way to Amite to help with some winter storm damage there. I love my husband but it's sorta nice to have the house to myself today. Shaina is at her father's this weekend also so I really don't have to do anything at all if I don't want to. Actually the only thing that I won't do is cook. I will grab a burger or something so I can get some things done around here that I have been putting off like sorting the socks in the sock basket. I detest matching socks and when I actually do do it, Ricky waits for lightening to strike. Shaina's American Girl doll came Thursday so I will get that wrapped up and put under the tree so it's not so bare looking. She will be excited to see a present under it when she come's home Sunday. My son and step-son are getting video games that I still need to go buy or either just order online and ship it here. I would much rather do online shopping when I know what I want over fighting traffic and crowds at a store any day of the week. Well I am off of here and shutting down the pc so I don't stop and peek at anything online and then find myself still sitting here an hour later.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

PostHeaderIcon What a Day + Template

Oh boy, what a day!! Today is my Mom's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! My husband left for work not quite sure where he will end up. He was put on ice storm alert last night. Last update he was able to give was that he was in Jackson, Mississippi. Then when I picked my daughter up from school she was just in tears. Her and her best friend have parted ways. And my daughter confesses it's her fault. I have left a message with her friend's Mother to call me back so that maybe we can mend the ways...but I am afraid things cannot be fixed. But there is always hope. As a Mom...it just hurts your heart to see your children in any type of pain...physical or emotional. I don't know who growing up hurts the most...the parents or the kids.

I do have a freebie for ya today. My girl Eclipse snagged a template I had sitting in a tut group that is inactive at this point. We are still shuffling around some from MSN. She used this template and my Purple Plaids kit to create her blog header.

Download Here

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Snow Flake Kit Freebie

It stormed like mad here today. Tons of wind and boatloads of rain. My yard is sooo flooded. We have a cold front coming back thru tonite dropping the temps back down to the 40's. A drastic change from the mid-60's we had today. Here's another freebie for ya's. I am sure it's the closest thing to snow I will get to touch this winter....lol.


Download Here

Sunday, December 7, 2008

PostHeaderIcon My First Scrapkit

The kids got the tree decorated yesterday. It's sooo pretty!!!
The only thing that bummed us out was that we could not find our stockings. So my mission for in the morning will be to find them.
After what seems like a dozen or so times of putting photoshop on my pc...I decided to just take the time to really learn a few things.
I am quite pleased with myself as I made a scrapkit over the weekend. I think I kinda went overboard with the plaid papers but they were fun to create and didn't realize how many I had made until I went to put it all together.
Anyhow...feel free to snag if ya like it.

Download Here

Saturday, December 6, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Christmas Decorating

So it's midmorning and I am still in my most comfy flannel plaid robe watching How Clean is your House? Aggie and Kim are hilarious plus it sure makes my little bits of mess we have here look spotless. But the real reason I am still in my robe and not dressed was cuz my mission this morning was to find a promo code somewhere's online for American Girl. My daughter has fallen in love with the Felicity doll. Finances are tight and if I didn't think this would be the last year she would ask for a doll I would wait till her birthday to get it. I am a lucky Mom...she is 12 and still loves her baby dolls, mind you, she is in love with Edward Cullen from Twilight...but she still has her little girl innocence. When I get off of here I am going to dig out all the Christmas decorations and get our tree up since my son will be coming over after lunch. I also promised him a buttermilk pie.....so I am sure I will be sending someone off to the grocery store for some pie crusts. So let me jet on out get the party started.

Friday, December 5, 2008

PostHeaderIcon New Blog

I might as well break this baby in. I had another blog that I started posting on and then just let go. It had an entirely different purpose at the time. My vision for this blog is more personal. Mostly just a place to document life's adventures and keep in touch with my online friends esp with everyone being scattered by the msn breakup. Maybe in the next couple of weeks I can figure out how to "pretty up" the place a bit. I am sure it can't be all that difficult.

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