Monday, April 29, 2013

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I rarely make an actual scrapbook page...something I am striving to remedy. I am looking for balance between my art journaling and scrapping. Tonight I was lucky to be able to get my hands on Tangie Baxter's "BE" kit. It is exclusive to backers of her kickstarter campaign to open an art studio. Tangie is the most generous of teachers and will give selflessly of her talent if this dream of her's were to come true. The campaign ends on May 4th. I know times are hard but with just a $10 contribution you will get this amazing EXCLUSIVE kit among a few other goodies. Plus you will know that you helped make a dream come true.

                                       Tangie's Kickstarter Campaign

Here's what I was inspired to create. I had the most fabulous time with both my kiddo's at Olive Garden last Saturday. I should mention the hubby was there also....but for a Mama it's usually all about the kids. :D Clicking on the photo will pop you right on over to the gallery for the full credits.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Television and Testing

I sit here tonight watching Sunday night television. I have Vikings being DVR'd  while I watch Game of Thrones and The Borgais. I will catch Nurse Jackie after The Bogais'. I find that I can go days of no television but when I get caught up in a series I get obsessive about keeping up with the story line. I don't think I would be watching Game of Thrones if I had not read the book many years ago. I was immediately sucked into the intricate plot line and very impressed with the writing and how George Martin interweaved all the characters together. I am equally impressed in how the series follows the book and does not take off in any weird directions. It's one of the reasons I believe I have continued to watch it.

Tomorrow starts day one of two for my DD's IOWA testing. We don't stress it too much but I have had a heart to heart with her about how important it is for her to do her best. It's the basis on which I choose what levels her school studies get chosen. She is however testing for 10th grade and I am expecting geometry on it. We have done no geometry this year and I have prepared her for it. We unexpectedly decided to redo algrebra. I chose Switched on Schoolhouse algebra last year and it does not do a very good job. This time around I forked over $185 for Teaching Textbooks Algrebra. AMAZING!!!! Also over this past year I have finally broke down and faced the fact that she has ADD and we medicate for that. Not everyday. It's not needed. But when she struggles with comprehension it's like a light bulb gets turned on for her. We will both be saying prayers tomorrow and facing these tests stress free. What will be, will be....right?

♥We won't mind if you say a small prayer also for us.♥

Monday, April 15, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Back to normal....

Between storms and sickness in our home we are slowly getting back to "normal".

The husband took a new job which is good but also bad in the way that he wanted to leave his other job so badly that he only worked a 25 hour week that left me very short on funding for bills. He says he understands the "hardship" he placed me under in budgeting but I just think he was just trying to make nice. I only say that because he was not up front on his short week from the get go. I paid bills that could have waited if I had known what he was up to. I guess if you are not the person budgeting for the expenses it just does not affect you as much. But anyhow he is not working on South Louisiana anymore and is now working in SE Texas.  We are blessed that he did transfer to the new job keeping his current position as a crew foreman and the benefit of a work truck to keep fuel expenses at a minimum for us. This job also allows overtime which is a HUGE blessing and will catch us up to a good place financially. My little job helps but is only a band-aid. :(

Easter was good. We enjoyed a wonderful church service in which the lights went out on us because of severe thunderstom/tornado type weather. Afterwards we came home and snuggled up on the sofa and recliners and napped. I didn't wanna get into cooking a big meal because I was afraid we would lose power also. Thank goodness we didn't! 

I can't let today pass without mentioning the horrible bombing at the Boston marathon. My heart goes out to each and every family that is affected by that horrible and senseless tragedy. 

So I am just gonna keep this posting short and sweet. Thanks for popping by to see me!!

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