Saturday, January 23, 2010

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I have found blogging to be quite therapuetic these days. I think cuz it gives me a few minutes to just "stop" and reflect on what I feel or to vent a little bit. It has been a terribly busy with with my Papaw moving back in with me. I had forgotton how time consuming an alzheimers patient is. He must be supervised at all times. I had caught myself being resentful of "again putting my life on hold" but then had to give myself a reality check on my attitude. This is life and it may not run smoothly or as planned. God put this situation back in my lap and it's up to me how I face it. I have the choice of treating it like a bitter lemon in my mouth or a gift of time that is as priceless as they come. I choose the second one. I know I will have bad days but that's how life happens, right? you can't recognize the good if you don't have a little bad for comparison.
Here are my P365 moments from this past few days. I really thought I had a boring life but I am finding I am having no trouble finding many moments thru to day to capture.
My Thursday photo features my Mom and my Papaw going to load up and go to the funeral home for a visitation. We had a family member pass and I knew he would not want to miss paying his respects even if he ends up not remembering later.

Friday was an all day adventure at the VA hospitol. I don't know how he got out of the system and quit going but with the uncertainty of health care in our country these days I didn't want to be caught in a bind and not able to get him seen by a physician. Besides that he is a WW2 vet and I want to use all the resources available to him I can get.
My Papaw has become fixated on coffee. He loves coffee but it has now become a fixation and I pretty much have to have coffee in the pot at all times. With it being a dreary day here, I caught my hubby relaxing with his own cup of joe.
I think I might do a bit of blog hopping after posting this. I just love to peek at what others are posting for their P365's.
Thanx for peeking at mine.


~*Jennifer*~ said...

Yes, everyone does something worth remembering every day of their lives. I found that out last year! It's a great thing you are doing for your grandfather.

Traci Reed said...

I'm proud of you for taking care of your Papaw..even if he doesn't understand or remember now, he'll know for eternity how wonderful you were to him.

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