Monday, January 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon P365 Days 14-17

Oopsie! I haven't blogged since last Wednesday. It's really a nice habit. A digital record of your days and of ordinary things that might would have been forgotton.
Last Thursday my Papaw had 2 doctor's appt. One for just a check up and the other in the afternoon in Shreveport at the dermatologist to remove some cancer from his right temple area and left ring finger. I let the nursing home drive him up and I followed. It all went pretty good and when it was done, I let him go back and I left to go to WalMart for a few items.
So..this is my Day 14 photo...all the traffic.

and this brings up to Day Papaw is fascinated with my digital camera so we were playing around with it trying to get some funny photos. It's a bit blurry but he was having the best time.
Saturday was Day 16. My Aunt Ann was cooking dinner at her house. Yummy turkey, hen dressing, duck dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoe casserole, au graten potatoes...the food was to die for. I didn't wanna miss all that so I loaded up with my Mama and we went to visit with everyone. This is with my cousin Tina. We had a blast together when we were kids.This brings us to Day 17. My hubby putting together the bed for my Papaw. I am bringing him back home from the nursing home. He was in the room right next to this one before he went to the home. I thought it best this time that he take the room with the door leading into the bathroom. He tends to get lost with his demetia/alzheimers.
All in all it's been really busy. I checked on my Papaw at the nursing home yesterday. Actually the only day I didn't see him was Saturday and I was rearranging for him to come back home. Anyhow when I had checked on him, they had not changed his bandages from his surgery. His hand was really swollen and red and his wound had an odor to it. So I had to throw me a hissy fit and get someone to come clean and change his dressings. I was so mad. We were lucky his wound did not have any pus or anything.
The treatment nurse has already called me this morning and claims she did not get any after care orders from the doctor. I corrected her because I know she did because the doctor photocopied me a copy. She just is trying to put the blame on someone else. But that's ok. I took pictures of right after his surgery and yesterday and I am not done with them yet.
I have a few things to do today but nothing as strenuous as moving beds and furniture like we did over the weeked. I know I do plan to get in a least one scrap page and do my Week 2 LO for P365 that I didn't get to over the weekend.
Have a Fabby Day everyone!!!


Laura said...

I love that you hve just everyday photos. In the end, that's what means the most!

Lena said...

I agree with Laura...I enjoy the every day photos. Good luck having your Papaw back home with you!

Wolfie said...

I'm loving your photos. Shame on that nurse for lying about your Papaw's after care orders...hope you caught it in time.

DawnMarch said...

Sounds like you are an excellent advocate for your Papaw! Great photos!

Traci Reed said...

that's awful that they aren't taking care of him well! I'm glad you're bringing him home! I have family outside Shreveport in Many :)

Crystal said...

I am glad you are bringing him home with you too! I hope that it goes well!! I love all your photos! :)

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