Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Papaw and P365

Me and the hubby ran around Shreveport this morning trying to tend to some financial issues. Not sure if we got anything accomplished really but we did try to get some things squared away.
My Papaw has surgery tomorrow to remove some cancer from his ring finger and a small spot on his right temple. All should be well but you never know. I do know that if we don't get the cancer cut out of finger especially it will continue to eat away at it. It has taken me 4 months to get a doctor to do anything for it. Can you imagine what will happen if all this health care bill passes..ewwww. I think though I am going to switch him to going back to the VA for all his medical needs. I think he got better care there. I really don't know why he quit going but it doesn't matter now. I just gotta get him back on track with that. The Nursing home is saying we owe them money for his stay. I think they are trying to screw us because he was not supposed to be billed a thing. He has his Medicare and we signed him up for Medicaid. Medicare was supposed to pay for up to 100 days. He has only been there since November 3rd. I don't know how they are counting but that's not 100 days by my book. After the 100 days Medicaid was supposed to pick up the difference. So I am not a happy camper about all it's looking like I might just bring him back home with me. I honestly don't know how I will do it but I will put my faith in God that he will provide me the strength and patience I need to care for him and keep my hubby and daughter's needs from being neglected also. It's a good thing church is tonight because I just feel the need to be in the House of God. I called my pastor earlier today to get some advice and there was not much he could tell me but it was good to vent to a neutral party. And he will pray for us. Prayer is powerful and we need all we can get sometimes.
Well somewhere I lost my point to my posting I think.
Here is my photo for the day. I haven't had a chance to get on it today but remedy that after church.
The "Dreadmill"


DawnMarch said...

Ugh, I just got off the dreadmill myself! Hope your dad's procedure goes well!

Lena said...

oh good luck with your papaw's surgery. I hope you can get the insurance thing straightened out too! ((hugs))

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