Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Ok...I know everyone has those mornings where something happens to ya right off the bat and it reminds ya of some silly/embarrassing moment in your past. Ah..the sweet memories..hahahaha. So I drag my hiney out of bed this morning, drown myself under the hot shower to wake up and think..ok..I am sorta ready to face the morning. So I go about getting dressed and drag on the granny panties..lol..and omg..there's something in them....I sock got folded in with them..tiny sock..big panites..it can happen. So I have this instant holy crap! what is that moment and then just crack up laughing...it was truley an insane sight. Because it was not really the sock it was the memory that the sock triggered. Totally embarrassing at the time but funny as heck now. Here I am in high school being all cool and everything and this boy walks by me and points to my leg...and the whole hey! what's that hangin of your pants leg thing. I look down and it's a pair of panties. I thought I had died and just went to high school hell. I was MORTIFIED. All in an instant I snatched them up and shoved them in my pocket. I suppose that's just what happens when ya dig your pants out of the dryer still asleep in the mornings. To this day I check pant legs for various items that try to hide in them. Look at me ramble, but it's funny how tiny things trigger such vivid memories and can just put you right back in the moment.
So here is me catching up on my P365 moments. I had a panic attack Sunday when I thought I had lost my pen to my wacom tablet. Luckily after hours of searching and poking about my desk I found that it had just fallen off and dropped into one of my photo boxes and was hidden under some pictures.
This is a typical Monday morning. Shaina flings on her hoodie and straps on the backpack ready to go. Ghost is usually not one to miss anything so of course he MUST hold down the breakfast bar for us.
And today's photo is of some strawberries that I thought would be a crime if I didn't put them in my shopping basket. Actually I am quite sure they would have committed strawberry suicide if I did not bring them home to enjoy.

And if you have read my insane posting today, I hope I at least made ya smile. They give ya fewer wrinkles than frowns anyhow.
Thanx for dropping by!


Kim said...

Funny story! In high school it was always dryer sheets for me. Undies would have been mortifying!

Lilach Oren said...

Love your photos .. great caught up!!

Wolfie said...

OMG! That had me cracking up over here...made me think of Bridget Jones's Diary. Love your pics and glad you found your Wacom pen.

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