Monday, January 31, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Emotions and a bit about the weekend

What a week! I have been having a bit of computer problems and need to get it to the shop to find out what is wrong with it. I was going to take it first thing in the morning but instead of locating my backup discs I helped my friend get some things sorted and packed since she has sold her home. So that is definitely on my agenda today. I am hoping they are not to be needed but I want to be prepared just in case.

I had also gotton me a new phone a couple of weeks ago (Blackberry Torch) that I traded in for an iPhone 4 last Wednesday. I loved the Blackberry and I gotton it instead of the iPhone because I thought my data plan would stay the same....sooo wrong....I guess I got confused but the salesman also told me it would stay the anyhow...since I ended up with the same plan as I would have gotton with the iPhone, I traded for the iPhone. I ♥ it! My DS splurged for me and when in halves with me on a case for me (Otter Box) and I ♥ it too! We had both had a steak for lunch at Logan's Steakhouse and I fed him the cupcakes that I had decorated that morning in my decorating class I am taking at Hobby Lobby.

I am still going strong on my P365 and will post some photos of that tomorrow or the next day. I did create another art journal page. It seems I might have found what that mojo really was looking for. Art Journaling ROCKS!!!!!

This is the page I did over the weekend. Credits and explanation of the symbology of the piece will be below it.
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Impressionist Garden by Beth Rimmer at Deviant Scrap

I was having a really emotional day when I opened this kit. I am not the crying type of gal but losing my Grandfather has broke my heart something fierce. He lived with me for some time and I was his care giver before the alzhiemers took over so much that I could not do it alone. So in doing the little things around my home, I am constantly seeing him. I see his chair, his coffee cup, his slippers...well you get the picture. I also realize that I had not truly grieved the passing of my grandmother (his wife nor my uncle - their son/my dad's brother) because both times I was pregnant and everyone worked really hard to keep me from "being stressed".

The butterflies represent them flying free and in a different form (from catapillar to butterfly/the same but different). The balloons represent each of them on a new adventure also and free from their earthly bodies. The day lillies are there because my grandparents loved them and had some in their yard. The cherry blossom trees are because there is always a spring after the winter (circle of life). The little house thingy on the ribbon represents that this world is small and our time here on earth is fleeting, so live it to the fullest. The lady represents me I am "stuck" in the window because it's just easier to just "be" instead of going forward. I am standing on a winding path (hard to see) because that's how life is and because I turn to God for comfort I added the scripture reference of Psalm 34:18
The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (NIV)


Designs by Roanna said...

Beautiful blog and wonderful, heartfelt post and page! :)

Ashley @ 365 things said...

Wow, I love how each element has such meaning to you. Very creative and beautiful. I hope you find peace.

About your iphone...are you enjoying it? I have the iphone 4 and love it! I think it takes great pics and video for a camera phone. It's much better than my old 3g. Take care!

Dinara Davis said...

Nice blog! Love the way the elements are connected.
Waldorf London

HeyJude said...

That is such beautiful and heartfelt art project! I love scrap therapy :)

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