Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Wax Lips Anyone?

Well we made it through Super Bowl Sunday. Can you believe that the Saints won?!?!?
I was whooping and hollering on the sofa during the game much to my daughter's embarrasment and disgust because she was rooting for the Colts. But how can you not live in Louisiana and not want the Saints to win? Really?
We were invited to several Super Bowl parties but had to decline because of my Papaw. I was worried he would not be on his best behavior. And I was right because I did have a friend over since it was her birthday day also..so we did a combo bday party/superbowl bash and well...he ended up just being rude until he went to bed.
But despite it all..we had a good time with yummy chicken enchiladas, brownies and Rotel Dip.
Monday started out with a bang. Monday's are college shirt day at Shaina's school and my Papaw had a dermatologist appt. at the VA. I checked Shaina out of school at noon since his appt was not until 1:30 and I would not be able to pick her up when it let out. She surely didn't mind that at all...lol! The appt went good...it was just terribly rainy and cold driving up and back home.
I know he was tired that night because...he slept ALL night long...big accomplishment in our house.
Our bedtime conversation though went like this.
Papaw-> I need to get married.
Balinda->Why do you say that?
Papaw->Because my back gets cold at night.
Balinda->Well, that just means you need more covers.
Papaw->No...I just need me a fat wife because fat women keep you warmer.
Balinda->(Shocked look on face) Well Papaw!
Papaw->You don't think I can find me a wife, well watch me! I can have one here by tomorrow night. (Smug look on his face)
Balinda->Oh, I believe you, but let's just see how tomorrow goes before we go wife shopping.
He seemed happy with that response and let me tuck him into bed....I made sure to scooch the covers up around his back. Tonight we didn't mention we needed a wife.
I must say..each day with a person with alzheimers is a brand new adventure.
Here is my Day 39 photo.
Seems like I got the deer in the headlight look. They will strangle me later for this one.
And here is Day 40.
We stopped at Party Central yesterday to check out Bday supplies for Shaina's bday and came out with sparkler candles for my Papaw's Bday on the 15th. Then at the checkout stand I saw some cherry flavored wax lips and grabbed them along with a couple of sodas for me and Shaina.
So be on the lookout for some silly wax lip photos...LOL!
Thanx for stopping by!


Chantal Miller said...

Thanks so much for this glimpse into your life. I think its wondeful, though I bet tiresome sometimes too, that you are able to look after your papaw. He would be your grandfather, right?

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