Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Day 51-55

What I thought was going to be a busy week with dr.'s appts. has turned out t be a big bust.
I make arrangements for my hubby to take DD to school Tuesday morning so I won't be late for the VA appt. with my Grandfather and low and behold...30 mins after being on the road they call my cell telling me his appt. has been cancelled. Reason->the dr. he was going to see was not going to be in that day. I am left thinking, well why did you schedule appts. for that day. Same day...different dr.....get a call for his Thursday appt. to be rescheduled. I have yet to do that. Reason...dr. won't be in the office. Again, I ask myself...why schedule appts. that day?
Physcial therapy was working around our they call to come out this afternoon between 3 and 4...At 3:30....get a call...can they come tomorrow and Friday? Really..what am I going to say? NO?
I love my Papaw but I am seeing that this living arrangement is not going to work out long term. I am already exhausted and he has only been back here for about 5 weeks. My DD is stressed to the gills because he wanders about at night, so I am sleeping with her alot. This is not doing anything good in the hubby department. He is being very understanding but I can see his patience wearing very thin. In the meantime...I gotta figure something else out. Please pray for us that God sends us on the correct path.
Here is my Day 51 photo. I was playing around with the manual settings on my camera and the only semi-willing subject was Izzy.
Day 52
This is why we use Brita water pitchers for our drinking water. We are looking into some sort of water filter for the whole house. It's impossible to keep our white's white even after spending a fortune in stain removers etc. I have been using those new Tide stainlifters in the wash when I do any other than jeans or very dark clothes but that is getting a bit expensive.
Day 53
Ghost is trying to sit his fat hiney into a tiny basket. I guess that's no different than me hanging onto jeans that don't fit my fat hiney. =0
Day 54
Sad but happy day. Shaina's last day of being 13. I just wanna keep her little forever.
Day 55
Happy Birthday Shaina! Officially 14! This is what she does in her "free time" before doing homework. It's always some sort of artwork or the nintendo.

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