Thursday, February 4, 2010

PostHeaderIcon It's a Dreary Day

Today it is raining. I am so glad I don't have any place to have to be. I tried to get everything done while we were out yesterday. Yesterday was cloudy and the wind was bitter cold, but I was able to get my Papaw to the VA Hospitol and get his ears cleaned out in less than 2 hours. I was very blessed that my husband was able to go with me to help. I am afraid my Papaw will wander off while I am parking the car and he does not have the stamina to walk a long distance any longer if I have to walk with him from the parking area. I did stop by our DMV office when we got back into town yesterday and got the paper I need for his dr. to fill out to get a handicap tag to use when I have him. It will definitely make life a little bit easier. I am still waiting on his walker that was ordered. It's looking like I will have to make a few phone calls about that today to find out the hold up.
The mother to one of our deacon's passed away on Monday. She had been ill for some time from what I understand. My husband is working with her grandson for awhile, which is why he was able to help me yesterday morning. Her funeral was at 2 pm. We did get back in time for my husband to go. My Papaw was too tired so I had to stay home with him. I would ask that you keep the Gary Calhoun Family in your prayers during this time of mourning.
I have fallen a little behind on my P365 LO's but I have not missed any pictures. I took a bunch more but who knows what I did with the settings on my camera...most of them ended up blurred....GRRRRRR! and double GRRRRRR!
Here is my day 30.
This plug has been giving me fits for awhile and Ricky finally got around to changing it out. Most probably to keep me from continuing to to fuss about it.

Day 31.
Our big fat baby, Ghost. It's very hard to get a photo of him looking in the direction of the camera. It's like he has 6th sense about picture taking the minute you pick up the photo.
Day 32
February 1st.
What a beautiful way to bring in the month by seeing one of God's creatures outside your front door.
Day 33.
And yes..I do see that it says Day 365...I forgot to change the number on it and didn't even realize it till I got them uploaded to post. Don't ya hate it when ya do things like that?
These are a few things that are ALWAYS next to my pc.
Day 34
Coffee anyone? My household could not function properly without the coffee maker. I am sure a few of your houses are like that too.I am going to jet off of here for awhile. Nothing has inspired me for my photo for today yet, but, hey...I got time.
Thanx for stopping by!


Veiga said...

I am charmed with your blog -
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Jessica said...

I love your photos!! Have not seen many cardinals around here but there are lots of other birds. I think the cardinals are my favorite bird though.

Monique said...

Great photos. I find when mine are blurry, it's because I set the camera to no flash for some specific photos, then forgot to put it back on auto. (that's with a p/s camera). Have a great day, hope you find some sunshine today :-)

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