Sunday, September 16, 2012

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It's been non stop go since Thursday morning at 7 am. Up and getting ready for a 9 am dental appointment for DD left me feeling like I should have made it for after lunch as I would have much rather slept to at least 9. Me and DD take full advantage of our home schooling schedule. Why get up with the chickens if you don't have to right? <-----especially if you are not a morning person like us!
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Afterwards it was a quick trip home to take my Mama her luggage for her "Sister Vacation" that she takes with 3 of her sisters every year. A quick visit and back to the house to do a quick tidy up before heading to Shreveport to 
get DD's trial pair of contacts. They never have her RX in stock and I am a stickler for wanting her to wear the trial for a couple of weeks before ordering to make sure the RX works for her as it should. While we were there we played around some and tried on colored contacts. Not sure if we want them as they have to be taken out every single night. We are very spoiled to wearing ours for a week at a time. 

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Next stop was the pet store...just to look around and buy some Feliway for my cats. I have 2 males, litter mates, and 1 female. The boys drive the girl bananas and she stays in a perpetually bad mood. One of my males has started to pee on things to mark his territory. In lieu of rehoming one of the boys I am giving the Feliway a try. All my furbabies are 5 years old and I just could not bear thinking of parting with any of them. It's only been the weekend but they are all so calm and snuggly again with each other. All I can say is AMAZING!!! I am hoping it works with the pee problem.  

I thought this red tree frog was pretty cool....not to bring home...just to admire.

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This is was we did bring home. It's a crested gecko. DD wanted it and I told her that if she wanted it bad enough then she would have to pay for it. As you can see....SHE DID!!!! We won't know what the sex it until it's about 5 months old. It's about a month old now. I think he is the coolest little thing ever. These little critters were thought to be extinct until the 1990's. Fingers crossed he likes his new home with us.

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Friday was spent taking my Mama to my Auntie's house so they could leave for vacation early Saturday morning.  While my Mama was on the Road to Florida with the 3 sisters, I was at church helping get the decorations up for 
Sunday's lunch after morning service. The theme was western. I just adored the simple mason jar vases with a few fresh flowers. Some were white and some were yellow which gave a super fun pop against the red table covers. 
I seriously can't wait for the awesome fellowship and church service tomorrow!!!!

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I got back home just in time to take DD to a swim party for one of her friends in youth group. I think it's evident I left her having a fabulous time with the birthday girl and her sister. We were invited to stay but I took full advantage of the afternoon and spent quality time with the hubby. I was able to make both of them feel #1 at the same time!!!! How awesome was that?!?!? 

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I am one tired girl!!!! It's 1 am on Sunday morning actually but it feels good to be back blogging and participating in life! Now the hard part will be dragging my behind out of bed in a few hours and getting my covered dish cooked while I get ready for Sunday School but it will be worth it when I get there. ;-) 


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