Sunday, March 27, 2011

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I got so busy enjoying that my husband was home from work for a few days that I didn't touch the blog at all this week. He usually has a part time job when he is home from his regular job but for the past couple of times he has been in the man didn't need his help. Hubby's full time job is power line construction and the part time job is electrical work. He really enjoys it because it's not as hard of a job as he normally does and he is learning a new skill. The little bit of extra cash is not a bad deal either. I have also been in a good creative kick with my scrapbooking. When I joined the Art Journal Caravan last year at Scrapbookgraphics I was excited to be learning a new kind of scrapping but alas that did not happen because I got distracted with my Grandfather and his illness. Out of 52 weekly prompts I only did 2. ---->See my sad face<----So this year when I joined I had a renewed passion to just "complete" the weekly projects. I had completely quit scrapping and needed something to really focus on to get me back in the game. One of the ladies in the forum called art journaling "scrap therapy" and that really struck a cord in my heart because that is exactly what I have been doing with it. I find it hard at this point to create pages just to create. I need them to have a purpose or a meaning. Even when I am making pages for the creative team I am on...I want them to have meaning otherwise I feel like I have wasted my time. Time that I could have scrapped real memories and photos for my family. I am not a fast scrapper either. I sometimes envy the ladies that can knock out these fabulous pages in less than 2 hours. It takes me a whole afternoon. Maybe I could be faster if I wasn't watching the tv, doing the laundry or gettting distracted with FB. I still enjoy the process. I feel so satisfied and accomplished when I see something I had only envisioned in my head finally a finished page.
And that is what I have spent alot of my spare time doing this past week. Art Journaling and catching up on some of the weekly prompts that I didn't have time for and/or didn't have a clear picture of what I wanted to create. All LO's are linked to the gallery for the proper credits and to read what the symbology on what some of the pages mean.

This was a catchup page for the Art Journal Caravan. Itinerary #10-Verb:Belong
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Another catchup for the Caravan. Itinerary #7 Verb:Wonder
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This was for last weeks prompt. Itinerary #12. I picked the Simply Started prompt. I wish(ed)....
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This was done for Studio Q's March Keep It Simple Challenge over at Scrapbookgraphics. It's still running and you get this free template to use and can win a fabby prize. =)
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And I just did this one for the joy of it. I had these new templates I purchased from Studio Rosey Posey I had not used yet and they made this page soooo easy and kept the focus on my DD photo's in just the most perfect way.
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Almost a page a day....I feel good! Thanks for popping in and taking a peek.
*****Just a note that I am not on any creative team at Scrapbookgraphics, I just love their products!*****


Ashley @ 365 things said...

These are all great! I especially love the letter to your daughter. It's so sweet of you to write that to her.

Wow, your husband stays super busy. I'd be off the computer and spending all my time with him too if I were you!

~Kiana@ScrapN Fitz~ said...

These are awesome LO's. I love the one of your daughter too!!
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