Monday, February 21, 2011

PostHeaderIcon New "do's" and home schooled approved =)

Last week was a whirlwind of activity. I didn't have much time for anything extra around the house much less time to really turn on the laptop. I got Shaina's application for home schooling mailed out to Baton Rouge and much to my surprise I got a confirmation letter back on Saturday. I was advised by her BFF's father to send a self addressed stamped envelope with it for that purpose and I would get a quick response and WOW! he wasn't kidding! So we are official! Yipeeeee!!! I have decided not to try to purchase any books this late in the year. I have a list of subjects that she should "cover" this school year from our states school board link for home schooling and will just go by that. I will pull from the internet what we need or use the local library for any additional resources for us. I have already committed us to taking the IOWA test when her BFF's father gives it for their local home school group since he is an approved tester, so we have that covered for academic progression proof to send to the state. All is good. This week however public school is on winter break so I am letting her have winter break also which will give me a few days to get my act together and hit the ground running next Monday.

Since she is starting a new chapter in her young life we decided a new "do" was in order. She will turn 15 on the 24th and we wanted to go from little girl looking to more of a "teen" look. I am not wildly crazy about the heavy eyeliner her BFF did on her eyes but it's ok cuz being young should be fun and playing with different makeup looks is always a great way to wile away the afternoon. I talked her into letting me take some photos of her without her glasses. I think she is beautiful but I am her Mama and very biased. =). Most of all she is kind, caring, helpful and just the perfect daughter for me♥.
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I was playing with my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone for these next photos.
I am never sure how the picture will turn out. I ♥ this one. Her BFF on the left and Shaina with her trusty chucks on the right.
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This past Thursday was my Birthday and I decided a new "do" was in order for me too. I had been letting my hair grow out from a horrid butcher job from the last time I got it cut. That was about 9 months ago. The description of the cut is a "razor cut bob" which I just ADORE!!!! I thought the hubby was gonna hate it but he ♥'s it too. The other one I thought was gonna hate it was my son who let me know that he HATES my hair short but even he gave it the thumbs up.
So yeppers...I am feeling beautiful this week. Good hair kinda does that. =)
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Thanks for peeking in on me =).


Deanna said...

Beautiful pictures!!! You're both starting a new adventure! Very cool!

Ashley @ 365 things said...

Oh wow, so many beautiful shots! She hardly looks like the little girl standing at the locker in your other post. She is such a cutie!!

What a great picture of you too!! I, too, had a butchering of a cut last year and it finally grew out. I'd never been SO upset about a haircut. It was so bad it took all I had to go inside when I got home from getting it done!! lol

Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

Love the new cuts!!

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