Sunday, February 6, 2011

PostHeaderIcon iPhone photos and the weekend

I started last weekend helping my friend Sammy move from her 5BR double wide mobile home to this teensy tiny 2BR apartment. It's not easy to decide what's important to take to the apartment when it all seems important. When I first showed up she was in her scrapbook room almost in tears being so overwhelmed. So I just sorta took charge and we ended up getting alot of her things at least boxed and sorted into storage or apartment or I am not sure just yet piles. My solution for her scrapbook stuff is to take it all to the apartment and sort through and see what she just can't live without and then bring the rest to a nook over here in my craft room. I don't do paper scrapping so it all holds no allure for me. I am perfectly content with my digital set up I have going for me. Don't get me wrong, I have traditional stuff but just a little for the hybrid project here and there. Some of you may think this photo is a bit morbid but if you knew her mother, you would understand it's not. Her mom was cremated and for years she carried her around in this beautiful box. When her Grandmother passed away/or her Grandfather, I forget..she buried her mother's ashes with them. She kept just a bit I think because her mother would haunt her if she didn't keep a part of her with her. She also has not found the "right" home for these bit of ashes. So in the moving, somehow Linda took the ride with me from her daughter's old house to her new apartment. Somehow I think I should be a bit weirded out by it but strangely I am not. I think it's just because I knew Linda and know that she would think it was a grand adventure for the afternoon.

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These are actually some of my P365 photos I have taken...just not in any particular order. I think I will try to start posting them everyday. Mostly because it's just a good way to keep track of memories for scrapping and it's just plain fun. This is one of my cats Ghost watching the white stuff fall out of the sky.
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Oh lookie!!! Some of that white stuff =)
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I finally got an iPhone. I had heard rave reviews about Hipstamatic app. OMGosh!!!
It is sooo much fun and takes the wickedest photos!! All of these were taken today.

Driving through Shreveport on the way to Sammy's apartment.
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And these this afternoon in Stonewall at her old house. I love the moodiness of them. It' also helped it was getting a little bit cloudy and close to dusk. She is so gonna miss the country living.
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I would love any suggestions on some more fun apps esp the photography and exercise ones.


Amanda said...

The hail photo & the silhouetted trees are just gorgeous.

Tiffany said...

Those cloud and tree photos are beautiful!!!

lorig said...

Beautiful photos.

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