Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Colors of Love Kit

This week seems to be zippin on by...or at least it seems that way for me as I still need to get up early in the morning and go shopping for our Christmas Day meal. I think we have all settled on doing up a ham instead of a turkey. I love turkey but my hubby hates it. The back-up plan is that if I can't find a ham that is somewhat affordable...it's the kid's favorite..Chicken Casserole.

I took a chance and applied at The Creativity Shack for a designing postion. Never actually thinking I would be accepted...but I was!!!
To say I am a little excited is an understatement. I admire so many scrappers (tagger and full-sized) that it is only my dream to be near as good as them.

I am also counting this acceptance as a blessing as my husband will be laid off work starting Christmas Day. Fingers crossed that it will not be for too long as we are in the same boat as most people these days and getting by day-to-day. (I am not telling ya this for pity). He goes next Monday for an interview with another company in Little Rock and hopefully a drug screen to start work asap.

Here is my very first PTU Kit called Colors of Love and can be found here under RebelChick's Scraps.

It contains
10 Papers
2 Frames
4 Ribbons
5 Butterflies
2 Ivy Vines
4 Paper Roses
3 Flowers with leaves
3 Flowers w/o leaves
4 Tags

I did not forget to give ya a freebie....here is an Add-On that coordinates with the full kit that can be downloaded Here. I would adore to see anything that ya create with it. If ya download...leave me some love if ya feel moved to so.



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