Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Online workshops....oh how I love them!!!! Art ones, photography ones, scrap booking very divine!!! It's been my goal this year to actually do the work and participate in them instead of just purchasing them and getting LAZY because of "Lifetime" access. The ease of access, the idea that I will get to it as soon as I finish task A, B, or C. What usually happens is that the workshop that I just HAD TO HAVE OR JUST DIE sits in a forum, downloads sitting in a folder on a hard drive and I never fully commit to taking advantage of a product that I paid hard earned money for. I know I am not the only one out there in the world that does this. Why? Why don't we think we are important enough to set something aside or say NO....block off time in our calendars to commit to an workshop or class that apparently is of great interest enough to invest cash into.

I have my own thoughts on that actually. After all I can only speak for myself and after much soul searching it comes down to the simple fact that I haven't given much value to the things I wanted. The roles of mom and wife have been given prime value while the role of just being me has been at the very bottom of the list. I found myself giving my daughter the advice of knowing who she is and never "losing" herself in someone else and that having her own interests will keep her sane and happy. What a hypocrite I was!!!!!! It's NOT selfish to take time to pursue a hobby or to just sit and unwind with a book.  So my mission this year is to work on completing all the wonderful workshops on my hard drive and really participate and interact with other wonderfully like minded souls in any "live" workshops I take. One of the workshops that is sitting on my hard drive and has a classroom on the Ruzuku platform is Tangie Baxter's The Symbology Project. I was just about to start it right as she put up The Symbology Workshop No. 3.  I will start with workshop no.3 instead because (1) it is in a live forum and (2) I got it free for being a member of The Art Journal Emporium. Please come check it out with me. I would love to cheer you on just out of the sheer pleasure of seeing another beautiful soul taking a few moments to nurture herself♥   


Sabina Pamphili said...

how I love absolutely LOVE your musings and ramblings. Love it all, Balinda. What a pleasure to find someone else with the same thoughts and actually remembering to put them on paper. I too have bought classes and courses and stuff to work on but it's sitting in my HD......I need to re-invent my own self.
God Bless, dear friend.

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