Friday, January 24, 2014

PostHeaderIcon Wonder Woman I Am Not!

So far, Operation "Check the Mail Daily" has been pretty successful.  There's only been a few days that I have not checked it but it was because of rain or laziness, not because of the "dread." I have my "tax" box all ready for all the documents needed that have yet to come in the mail for the loveliness of tax season. This season is going to be complicated with the Obamacare going into effect - but that's a whole other story........
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Another hurdle I have been working on has been work. I don't have a hard job. It's mostly just customer service which I can do in spades. It's the time invested. I went back to work November 1st, 2012 on a part-time basis. Part time as in 2 days a week. Six weeks into the job my bosses wife passed away and less than 2 weeks after that one of the other employee's had a head on collision on the way to work. He survived but was set to be out of work for months (and never returned). There were only 4 employees to start with and that included me. I then started working 3 days a week...Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In between all of this, I was "trying" to homeschool.  Another girl was hired in January...she immediately started having health problems, was very unreliable, quit in April (I think).  That put us back to 3.  Another girl who had been there 3 years quit in July.  Down to 2 of us. Me and the bosses daughter. The girl that quit because of health problems came back...issues resolved and another girl was hired but only worked from July to September. Throw in me not working at all in August because of my Dad's health scare, and the fact that the bosses daughter left to go on maternity leave as soon as I came back. Work was a hot mess! The holidays were horrendous to work because the boss man did not hire any holiday no days off.....not happy.  The home school scenario...well....not much of it was happening....the house for the most part stayed cleaned but what did it matter...I was too exhausted to enjoy it or my family.  

Two weeks ago, I had just had it. My daughter needed me, my husband deserved me not being so exhausted when he was home and I deserved to not feel so completely drained all the time, so I returned to work and gave the boss my notice. It was emotional, but it was also a decision I had prayed over...A LOT!  We have since come to a compromise. I will work 2 days a week and I got a raise.  Also another employee was hired to work full time and she started this past Monday. She seems nice. I hope she stays.

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After the emotional breakdown with work, I now start my day off with my favorite cup. It's my favorite because of the little saying on the inside of the rim and it doesn't hurt that it the perfect size for hot chocolate. YUM!!!! Add to that my daily devotional each morning and the fact that I know in February I will have more time to devote to my family, my nerves have calmed down tremendously. 

Why do we as women think we can be Wonder Woman? Why does it take getting to the edge of an emotional breakdown before we tell the world to "back off"!?!?!?!?!


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