Monday, February 4, 2013

PostHeaderIcon I've fallen! and I can't get up!!

If you have ever fallen, you can relate to the fact that everything seems to move in super slow motion during the fall when in actual fact it happens so fast nothing nor anyone can prevent it. I had my slip and fall the very next day of my last posting. I felt like a cartoon character during the "event".  I didn't even feel my glasses flying off of my face nor could have predicted them lying 2 feet behind me in the middle of my porch. After catching my breath and realizing I hurt to much to even cry, I realized how wet I was. Why wet? Well it seems that some of that ice that was on the porch ramp started to melt with just a little bit of body heat. I now must get up and move so crawl back up the ramp because I didn't dare chance another fall. Go ahead and was quite the comical sight to behold. I will add this disclaimer...I knew there was ice...I was very careful expecting to slip some but nothing could have prepared me for what happened. So the old saying does hold true, "You can never be too careful." I am still nursing a hurt shoulder and I have to be careful how I turn my neck. I probably should have went to a doctor but we have no insurance, so since nothing was broken other than my nails I had just gotten done, I am just being super careful till it gets better.
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I worked really hard to get my laptop back into working order to next end up with internet issues. I thought the stormy weather we have had in our area was some of the reason. NOT! When that was not the problem, I got a new modem. That did not fix the problem either. I traded that for a modem/router combo. That sorta fixed the problem. I was on the phone with AT&T tech support till midnight on Friday. The problem was in my phone lines. I don't know what the tech maintenance person did but with my new modem/router combo and the fixed up broadband connection, things sure are zippy for me now. I can now catch up on all my forums. Iphone browsing has been too frustrating for me. I am pretty confident that I am now back to my regular internet fun and regular postings. 

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My most exciting news for today is that my DD got baptized. This is her second time but she rededicated her life to Christ right before Thanksgiving last year. It's just been so hectic during the holidays at church to schedule her baptism and we were also trying to work around everyone's work schedule. We finally gave up that pipe dream and just let the church pick a date for us and went with. After I found out she rededicated her life to Christ, I asked her why? Her answer was very profound and just brought me to tears with her wisdom. --->We want everything from God, so we should give our everything to Him<--- span="">

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I am so very proud of her!!!!! I am very blessed to be her Mama♥


Betsy E.PsP said...

I am so happy to see this picture of your daughter got baptized, it is a blessing for you as her mom too. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment .
Hugs , Betsy E.

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