Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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I must make a confession. I have peeked at my blog numerous times, thinking to myself that I need to post something. Mostly because I use it as a way to document my days, the normal day to day routine that afflicts us all. I also use it to document my growth in skills as an art journaler and and revel secretly inside when I conquer a new skill or stumble upon an effect that takes a page from just ok to me to "wow, I am really diggin' that!".
Eventhough I have not posted any Project 365 photos I have been taking them. I have tried to scrap them digitally but that is just not working for me. I had thought about having them bound into a book but for some reason I am resisting that idea also. What I did think about doing with them is being all art journalesque (slap some paint, scribble about the day etc) with  them. That idea made me smile. I am "documenting" my life and the quirkiness of it and I am still enjoying being crafty. I know some paper scrappers would cringe at the idea of paint and markers and possibly other NON-archival media touching a photo. I mean, that is what was DRILLED into our heads back when 1999 when I went to my very first OFFICIAL scrapbooking party held by my then SIL. If it was not acid free then it could not touch thee, seemed to be the motto.  After a very long 8 years of not scrapping and a lot of that time not even having a camera, I guess I am just over it. I have tons of photos that do need to be scrapped and am more than making up for it now with my ♥iPhone♥. I do need to document memories before I get senile or something for the kiddos though. So get ready to see that project shared.
Oh let's see what else...hmmmm...getting ready for school. I am entering in to the first full year of home schooling and it's also 9th grade. Oh what a challenge. The Switched On Schoolhouse curriculum was very highly recommended by another mom from church (who is also studying to be a teacher) and she even brought it up for me to peek into the program. I really liked the format and the fact that I could load it into a laptop and it be super portable. It's very interactive and has a Bible study class which I might do along with her. In addition to all of that, I have loaded up on the art supplies and twice a week we are going to have art class. That and music is was not offered at her school. She loves to draw and I really want to feed that passion. No it's not fine art, it's more like cartoon drawings but that does not matter. I got a book that will teach us both perspective and shading and if anything she will have an appreciation of art and will be having fun.
So with the curriculum purchased, it's now time to go laptop shopping. That is on the agenda for Thursday. I go and pick it out and then let her father know which one is acceptable since he knows NOTHING about computers. Does not even have internet at his house. So I am hoping to find something around $500 so he does not have a stroke. That will make us even on what we will have spent on her for school since he pays no child support.
Another goal of mine for the second half of the year is to do some actual scrapbooking. I have done mostly just art journal pages but now it's time to balance it all out so that my babies will have memories to revisit and not forget the stories of their grandparents or parents for that matter.
****And you might see me posting tons more, I have just really been busy but I do love to blog, it gives me a place to vent, share, cry, praise God or just to say I had an ordinary and perfect day.****
So I hope you will stay with me on my adventure through the rest of the year.


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