Saturday, October 9, 2010

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Hello again! Can ya's believe it's October?!?! Insane, isn't it? I couldn't belive it was almost 90 degrees here today. HELLOOOO>>>>Mother's autumn...time for some cooler weather..hint, hint! I have spent the last couple of weeks running between the hospitol keeping a check on my Grandfather and keeping my DD transported back and forth to school in a timely manner. She has been a super good sport about all with all the quick meals we have been having. He did get released from the hospitol on Tuesday (5th) and went back to the nursing home but because his legs became retracted from not getting out of bed and being so weak he had to travel by ambulance on a stretcher. I felt so horrible about that. I did however get hospice care started and as it stands now all I need to get done is the Medical Power of Attorney done so that I can "officially" make the decisions in the event I have to deal with someone who is not familiar with the fact that I am the one that handles his decisions for him (and that my Mom and Dad won't make a decision w/o my input anyhow).

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing these things for a Grandparent. I sit with him sometimes and just look at his worn and wrinkled hands and before I know it I have one in my hands caressing it. I guess in a way I am trying to imprint his touch to mine. I will brush his hair, wash his face and tell him how handsome he is. I brag on his sparkly eyes eventhough I know he doesn't see well. Sometimes he understands me and sometimes he doesn't. I find myself wanting to hold him close and just not let go. I know my brothers do not have this bond with him. It's special to just me and him. I had this type of bond with my Grandmother (his wife--these are my father's parents) but she died of CHF quite suddenly and to this day there is not a day that goes by I do not think of her and wish for just 5 more minutes with her. I think sometimes that's why I get so emotional after my visits with him. He is my last living Grandparent. He is a WWII veteran. In his day, he was much of a man. He is my link to my all the stories his memory has robbed him of...the stories that my father never got to hear and the ones I have only heard partial ones of that he never got to fnish for me. I ♥ him.

Ok...gotta change the subject before I get too teary eyed. Last Saturday our youth group had a rummage sale at church. So that is what kept me busy for the better part of last week. We did good and raised almost $800. They worked very hard and the donations of baked goods and items to sell were so appreciated from our church members.

I had a great visit with my friend Ebeth all day yesterday. She treated me to Chinese and helped me hang a couple of pictures on my wall and I helped her get her laptop updated some since I have DSL and she can only get dialup in her area. She popped in again today today and instead of me tidying up my bedroom and doing a good cleaning on my bathroom...I just plopped down in the recliner and visited with her all afternoon again. Unfortunately all that is still waiting on me to do. Where's the cleaning fairy when ya need her? That's on the agenda today along with backing up some scraps and photos on disc before I move them to the external drive.

Well, it looks like I have blogged up a storm on here. Have a fantastic weekend!


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