Sunday, April 5, 2009

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After suffering through some tremendous headaches on Thursday, I spent the day with my Mom Friday shopping and taking her to the ortho dr. Her cast got taken off of her arm for which she was ever so thankful. Now it's hard work on her part to get some of her flexibility back in her wrist before she heads back to work at the end of the month. I think she will do good just for the sheer fact of her determination. All the shopping was supposed to be just pricing a new computer. I had my eye on a couple of different desktops and in fact had on built on the Dell site..we were just waiting on my tax check to arrive...After going into Best Buy I was lucky enough to have a salesman who actually had some pc knowledge and could answer the specifics on some systems that I was unsure about. After having no intention of buying that day, I ended up purchasing a laptop...and this is after years of me saying I would not have one at all...I was a desktop girl all the way. I will have to sure is nice to plop up in the bed and check your
I spent Saturday doing tons of spring cleaning...moving my destop into our "official" computer room and having nothing in our living room to distract from our family. I wish I had done it a year ago. My daugher had a friend over...and for the 3rd weekend in a row she watched Twilight...............I sent them to her room where they could giggle, oohhh and awwww over the Cullens and that cutie-pie Jacob.
My hubby went back to work today...wont' see him till Thursday maybe..he is down in Belle Chase (Louisiana) daughter just informed me she didn't have jeans for school tomorrow...and this after asking her if she had any earlier...I am sure the case will be that she doesn't have the "ones" she just wants to wear. They normally wear uniforms but with the Leap and ILeap testing they are giving them a break. So..I am off of here to go take some more meds for this headache I have had since about noonish I can't shake and to find my baby girl some jeans.


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