Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Thursday was day 2 of the DD could barely squeak out a sound Wednesday and it got worse through the night. After sitting all night with her and keeping her fever down, I thought it safe to get some rest in the wee hours of morning. This is what she woke me up with. Poor thing couldn't talk and had gotton sick all over her bed. Nothing you really wanna see first thing in the morning but things happen.

Day 20
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Day 21-Friday
I am taking a decorationg basics class at Hobby Lobby and after the first class me and Mama went shopping and found the 101 Professional Decorationg kit for $79.99 marked down from $149.99. She bought it for me cuz she is just awesome like that. Here are some of the supplies from the kit.
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Day 22-Saturday
Today was Class 2 of Decoration Basics. I didn't have the ugliest cake but I sure didn't have the prettiest either. Practice, Practice, Practice! My icing, however, was pretty darn yummy!
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Afterwards I met with my friend Sammy and delivered my carpet cleaner to her so she could clean her sofas. She is making a major change in her life and moving from the country to the city to be closer to work and cut down on fuel costs. She is gonna miss her big ole house in the country but I think she is a city girl at heart so she should fare well. After my visit with her, I came home and visited with the hubby and DD for a little bit and ended up taking a power nap in the recliner. That's where I am planted now actually while I am blogging and watching Hoarders. Some of the people on this show really should have some in-center type treatment....scary!
And on that note...I am gonna jet outta here for a bit.
have an awesome weekend!!!!


Ashley @ 365 things said...

Oh noo, that stinks about your DD! I do think it's cute the way she left you that message, but not cute having to wake up to clean it!!

I watched a hoarders show yesterday and WOW, it's amazing how some people live! If anything, I am the opposite and throw things out too quickly.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Daisy said...

Well at least you were notified of the puke before you went in there! Hope you all get to feeling better! And good luck with the cake decorating, my daughter would love to be the next Ace of Cakes!

Anonymous said...

OH! SO jealous of the decorating class - I've been wanting to take one of those forever.

I hope you guys are on the mend!


Jewel said...

Oh poor DD - and poor you for waking up to that! I hope she is starting to feel a bit better. And I think your cupcake on the cake looks awesome!!

LP Vintage said...

Hope your daughter is all better now - her note is precious!

Cake decorating - yum!

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